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  1. I emitted particles and I want to make them stopped where I want. To solve this, I emitt particles and use popgroup node(Bounding and use Bounding Object). when they are into bounding box, group:groupname attribute become 1 and I made pop wrangle behind the node and wanted to make their velocity to 0 But How could I control that group:groupname attribute ?? and If I solve that, particles will be stopped and make a line. but I want to make them spread in the bounding box... Please help me.. sorry about my poor English thank you for read
  2. Hi guys, I made several text by font node and I want to pop out them randomly. I thought about that make some variable to each of them like 1,2,3 and rondomly selecting in wrangle node. but I have really poor logical thinking and It is taking lots of time. Help me with it plz ! Have a good day and sorry for my poor english too :S
  3. problem with Merge node-glue constraint

    I finally fixed it to solve it, I compared all shelf-made(glue constraint) nodes with my hand made nodes. shlef nodes uses 'Attribute String Edit' node. Inside of it, at Editor tab, they write `chs("/obj/its dopnet name/rbd packed object name/object_name")`/*. for making 'name' attribute to 'its name'+piece number so I write it same and finally I can control each object's glue strength. now I'm wondering about Attribute string edit node and 'chs' function. could anyone explain about it for me ?
  4. Hi guys I make some scene with using RBD fractured objects. That is screenshot of simple scene and I have some problem with this. As you see, I made the desk and chair and make those each glue constraint in their node too(with different constraint name and type. Not in screenshot but I made each's constraint networks and glueconrel node. I connected each nodes just like when I made it by shelf tools, but It didn't work. (I saw tutorial about constrain and made this scene differently with when I make it by shelf tools.) and I could find why it didn't work. At that screenshot, when I put Chair node into merge node on top first input, Chair's glue constraint is work. and when I put Desk node into merge node on top, first input. Desk's glue constraint is work. It doesn't matter constrainnework's Sop path or glueconrel's Data name. How could I fix this that merged objects follow each's constraintnetworks and glueconrel ??? Thank you for read and sorry for my poor Englis. T_T Thank you ! (I changed options in the merge node like Affector relationship and relationship, but It didin't work :S)
  5. How could I refine this interpenetration??

    OMG What t.... I turned on this post's notification but It wasn't activated omg .. Thank your for you guy's helps
  6. Hi I'm just studying about RBD solver and its fracturing with first picture's object. and When I setup those with solvers (rigidbody solver and sop solver will be added), I could find some interpenetration in it. Those boxes were having interpenetration, so I've looking for some tutorials about it. and I found 'Glue constrain' but that tutorial used it for fractured(and packed) object. Does 'Glue constrain' be able to used in my situation ?? Thank you for read and always sorry for my poor English. Have a good day
  7. Wow, Perfect. Thank you very much !
  8. I was just studying this tutorial, and had some question. It used Join node and check 'keep primitives'. and then use facet, check 'unique points' I understood that measure node can be used to those points perimeter but I didn't know why they check 'keep primitives' and 'unique points' in each nodes. after check 'unique points', facet's Point attribute was been same with Vertices. Why they had to use that nodes and made being same Point attribute and Vertices ?? Help me with understanding about 'Primitive, Point, Vertex,' If there has any tutorials about it, Pleas give me a links. Thank you and sorry for my poor English. I really wanted to know it
  9. I need some help with making this corals and animation. I wanna make that corals to be shaked when I blow wind. If I already have those corals modeling, Do I have to make it to cloth objects ? I really have no idea with this T_T I'm just beginner If you have any good Idea about it, please let me know ! and about making procedure corals too Thank you for reads
  10. How could I make this scene in Houdini ?

    Oh my god .. It is exactly What I meant. Thank you very much !!! I just need to study this file from now. thank you !!!!
  11. Hi Could you explain me how can I make this scene at 02:50 in this video ?? If you let me know tutorial about this, It'll be big pleasure to me Thank you , and have a good day !
  12. Hi guys, I've just done this tutorial [ https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/creating-a-procedural-snowflake/ ] and I wanted to render it on cinema 4d but I couldn't T_T I made it as Houdini digital asset and threw it to c4d, but there was nothing I could see. and when even I send just cube, It worked, but file in that tutorial couldn't be read on c4d houdini engine.... What should I do !?!? Thank you for read.