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  1. self culling dosn't work do you have any idea why this is happening ? nurbs_curve_clip_issue.hipnc
  2. Hello again Yes it is working thank you very much Ioannis nurbs_curve_clip_ok.hipnc
  3. Hello Henry, it is magic indeed! i can't though make it work with nurbs curves ray test intersection works thank you Ioannis nurbs_curve_clip.hipnc
  4. Hi Noobini, does this method work for culling curves that flow over a surface ? the way i am doing it now is resampling the curves and delete the points that are behind the mesh thanks Ioannis
  5. I did offset the points along the Normal direction to fix the inaccuracies of the Ray test intersection and all is working now thanks again Ioannis ray_project_cull_self_offset.hip
  6. Hi Henry, Thanks a lot for the file it is working fine as long as the points are based on different geometry when i use the same object to construct the points there are a lot of inaccuracies normally all the points that are facing the camera should be visible please have a look at the file Thanks in advance.Ioannis ray_project_cull_self.hip
  7. Hello to all, this is my first post I am starting to learn houndini i try to convert some of my projects done with grasshopper i want to do a line mesh intersection test to cull points that are behind a mesh obstacle for each point i need to create a line to the camera origin and then check if the lines intersect with the mesh if true then i need to remove those points Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance. Ioannis