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  1. Help with the Cube Man

    Yes, exactly, The cubes would occupy the surface topology and I just want to be able to have a "mograph" type control over the cubes while they still sit on the surface as you see in the pic that I attached. Cheers, Christian
  2. Help with the Cube Man

    Hey Guys, I am working on making a character out of cubes. Basically I want to be able to have the cubes on the mesh, conform to the topology and then have the control to be able to move, rotate and scale the cubes independantly while still conforming to the mesh. I have been looking around and found some good solutions for this (see attached images 1 and 2) and I feel that I am close but I have been running into a few snags that seem to be a bit above my level of expertise and was hoping to get some assistance. As you can see in image1 the rotations seem to tear or collapse into the cubes as opposed to rotating on a local axis from where it is placed. Basically after calls to primuv and prim_normal any calls to rotate or scale points don't seem to apply the way they should or how you would expect them to. (I hope that makes sense.). If you guys see or know of a better way to implement this type of solution then I would be more than happy to listen and learn. Thanks for your time. Cheers, Christian
  3. More Particles Following a PATH!

    looks like a just answered my own question on using mulitple curves. But what if we want the particles to orbit around the axis of the spline? How does one acheive that? Cheers, Christian
  4. More Particles Following a PATH!

    Thanks alot, your answers were very helpful. One thing all these example files have is one spline per scene and this is piped into the pop/dop network with the first or second context inputs. But what if I have alot of splines that I need particles to follow? Can I call pcopen on a wrangle and just point it to the spline directly or how does one go about this type of setup with multiple splines in the system. Thanks again. Cheers, Christian
  5. More Particles Following a PATH!

    Hi Guys, I have a system of Pops where particles are following several splines with a PopCurve Force node. I got everything working the way I want except for one small detail that I have not been able to figure out. The detail is how do I align the particles so that they face the direction of the spline? I don't want them to bank along the spline per se but just have an axis aligned to the spline almost like dominos or people marching in a single line along the path of the spline. It has to feel very organic which is why I am using POPs with forces and things like that as opposed to doing it in SOPs. I thought maybe a POP LookAt would work but I am not sure how to get the curve alignment data to POPs. I am sure this has been done twelve ways from Sunday but I am pretty new to Houdini and haven't able to figure it out fully as of yet. Anything advice on this would be awesome. Thanks! Cheers, Christian
  6. christianl013

    Thanks alot, That seems to work.
  7. christianl013

    Hello, This is my first post here and I am a one month houdini noob and was looking for some help on how to achieve a certain effect. I have a box, made of glass, that I need to procedurally shatter and then have it reform back together again. The trick with this is that when the box comes back together again I do not want to see any of the fracturing that was done but I want it to be whole again. Since the box is made out of a glass material when it reforms it looks all fractured up from all the cutting of the voroni fracture node. Is there a way to weld the geo back together again once it reforms so it looks like a glass box without cracks? Thanks! Cheers, Christian