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  1. Duplo Bear via Bullet Constraints

    WOW! Amazing stuff!
  2. Fracturing/art direction question

    Hey guys, I've a question about setting up geo for a simulation. I want the tube to break away into four large pieces, which would break up further. I've 'shattered' this tube with a boolean sop, so I get the straight pieces I want. I want to fracture these pieces four shattered pieces further. What's the best way to achieve this? OR Is it better to fracture the entire tube in one hit and use a constraint to create the larger straight pieces? I'd appreciate some ideas. James
  3. Fracturing two different material types

    Thanks for this!! The example file was a big, big help!!!
  4. Fracturing two different material types

    Hey guys, I'm doing a small destruction project and I'd like a bit of advice.... I have a structure which is more or less made of two materials, stone and steel. The steel is the foundation and the stone is the actual 90% of the structure. Regarding fracturing/glue constraining this, do I: Have two separate Geo for each material or have one merged geo? Have separate Voronoi fractures for each material and merge them or have one Voronoi fracture and change the fracturing scale/points based off how the material would fracture? The way I want this structure to collapse, I'd prefer to animate my glue constraints. Is this a no-no? Or is there a smarter way (ie, with the increase in velocity, the glue's strength diminishes?) I'd love to hear your thoughts! Cheers James
  5. Is this normal?

    Ok guys, I'll update at some point this weekend and let you know how it goes!
  6. Is this normal?

    Yes, it would be plugged into the scatter...
  7. Is this normal?

    Hey guys, Help me understand something - I'm relatively new with Houdini and i'm tinkering around in my spare time. I'm learning about Voronoi fracturing. I have a grid (10 rows by 10 columns). Attached to that is a scatter node which is limited to only to a total count of 100. I'm looking to paint a colour onto the grid, so to the side, i've attached a colour node, turned everything black (0,0,0) and then attached a paint node. When I do this, crash. I've reduced the size of the grid, but it seems crazy. It crashes with such a small sized grid. I'm running Houdini Apprentice 16.0.504.20 on a 2015 Macbook pro. I should upgrade to Houdini 16.5 Apprentice, but something just makes me feel like this will not solve the problem.
  8. Importing BEGO to Maya

    Hey guys, Is there a way to directly import BGEO's into Maya? I've seen a plugin floating around the internet, but it's so out-of-date the newer versions of Maya won't accept it. I'd prefer to do this rather than re-export an already heavy BGEO file, which will take time...