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  1. Thanks Alex, you're a genious!
  2. Hi guys, how do you reverse the channels in chops? thanks, K
  3. Hello, I am running into the following problem. I have a geometry with a mapped texture on it. The texture is simple, it's all black but in front has a white shape on it that expands over time. I need to have it set up so that the particles are emmited from only the white portion of this geometry. Does anybody have any idea on how to do that? thanks, Katherine
  4. Hey! Happy late birthday by the way! Sorry I was stuck on the other side of the edge of civilization while being right in the middle of another one.
  5. OW! I missed your bday! No!!!! See, being in Europe and on vaccation and stuck without internet for the next two weeks will do that to you! But late or on time, Happy Bday!
  6. Never mind, I found the script and the tutorial
  7. Hello, Time to get back to the good ole odforce forum. Does any one of you houdini geniouses know the "magic" formula on how to convert the camera aperture from Maya to Houdini? I mean in Maya there are two values, both less than one, but in Houdini there is only one value that's over 30 that roughly matches the one in Maya. All I could find is the suggestion to look into houdini user guide that says there is a conversion formula but how do I find that. Many thanks, Kat PS nice to be back
  8. Happy Birthday arctor! Sorry for being late... You know I don't go online on the weekends anymore. Yeah too many people are born this time of year.
  9. Now wait a minute! I thought I logged in earlier... Oh well, live and learn, 28 ( ) has passed and still
  10. Hey, I'm right here! Yeah yeah feel a bit guilty mostly for missing all you birthdays guys... Busy with work and stuff... Speaking of birthdays, I hear Valerie just had one yesterday Happy Birthday Val! oh... and mine is commin up too...
  11. Oh no no no Marc, I think you should keep it. Brainwash, *cough*, I mean educate the young ones...
  12. Happy Birthday! 25 is a good number, hold on to it while you can... or even if you can't
  13. Hey Marc, First of all I think that this model (as well as pretty much all of your models) kick major ass! Right on! As far as boots, well... they are well modeled but along with the whole outfit it looks like she is going skiing or something. But nice work! Kat PS: If you're still looking for clothing ideas, I'd suggest black leather...
  14. Neat! Ha ha ha