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  1. I don't have access to Houdini ATM, but did you create UV attribute before or after the RBD sim? If I'm not mistaken (as I'm new to Houdini as well), I believe you have to create the UV's initially and make sure the attribute is transferred throughout. Also, you can create a separate UV attribute for the inside edges based on that attribute you mentioned from the boolean. I don't use Redshift so otherwise, it could be a redshift thing. You should use the UV quick shader to check the UVs after the DOP network for troubleshooting. However, on another side note, I've found that adding an attribute called "inside" on the original geo and setting it to 0 with a default of 1 is better for getting inside faces- it makes sure that new geometry always has the inside attribute with a value of 1 instead of depending on the boolean node to do it. I could just be paranoid though. I'll take a look when I get close to Houdini, but someone more experienced feel free to jump in Best, Hunter
  2. Random Voronoi Fracturing

    You can use creative ways to to glue neighboring voronoi fractures together in a random pattern ( combining different noises in a VOP to run the constraint types ). This also helps with the convex hull situation so there is no overlapping geo. Lots of different techniques. Depending on the scene and type of demolition / fracturing, you could use the new booleans to fracture, which are extremely detailed and robust. Best, Hunter
  3. scaling RBD sim problem

    Hey guys! Hoping you can help me out with this. Trying to get this RBD sim to time properly, tried even scaling the scene in the HIP file for the DOP network to have best avail information. Density should be pretty accurate for steel as well. The sim feels like its going in slow motion / in space / another planet- gravity feels very low even though its definitely the correct -9.8m/s^2. Should I just speed it up post- cache? Or is there some option I'm not looking at. Pretty new to Houdini, so let me know what y'all think / any other suggestions? Thanks!! F150_body_metal_v01.abc preview_cache_v01.mov 180505_hardConstraintTest_v07_metal_only_slide.hiplc
  4. scaling RBD sim problem

    @Skybar I did change it after I created the nodes! That 100% solved it. Dropping down a new gravity node after scaling in the HIP file options did the trick- I thought I just had to restart the sim!!! Thanks! Hunter
  5. scaling RBD sim problem

    Luke and tamagochy - thanks for the replies! I did scale my project in the HIP file options to one unit being .1 meter- and the truck is apprx. 40 units long, so in the above video its about 4 meters long. I'll try to scale it without using the HIP preferences, but just using a transform and see where that gets me. Thanks! Hunter