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  1. Hacked site

    1. you can close registration for a time 2. you can move new users to sandbox and set time interval (1 day for example) for a fist post 3. you can block all mesages from new users, leave only one first 4. you can install filters for non-english words and 5. you can block users who create more then one message after registration ...and you can do more another things for block spam.
  2. Copy to points multiple geometry

    Thank you. Right now i don't want to copy many objects, maybe in feature )
  3. Copy to points multiple geometry

    I have a points. And i have for example 3 object - sphere, cube and cylinder. And i want to copy this objects to points with random. CopyStamp and CopyToPoints have only one input for geometry. How to copy more then one object to points? I want to see random object in points. For example i have procedural animation of point and want to connect 5 car models to create traffic flow on road....
  4. How to transform a geo asymetrically

    maybe mark vetrex with attributes? trans_point = 0 or 1 and then in point wrangle do what you want. for example: @P.x += x_move * trans_point you can use and "soft selection". mark point with float values and it give you more interested result, like a elastic band...
  5. How to transform a geo asymetrically

    you can use groups for example. put all vertex what you are want to move and use transform for your group