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  1. Sound Driven Deformations

    Will look into chops
  2. Sound Driven Deformations

    Other Link are Welcome
  3. Hi, iam learning houdini now for almost a year , i learned procedural modeling, smoke, particles, ect.. now i wanne learn how i can emplemen tsound driven deformations in houdini, would anyone know a basic tutorial of hipc file so i can learn it? thx in regards
  4. MultiColored Material

    THX for the help will try it out!
  5. MultiColored Material

    Hi, Would anyone know good tutorial on how to make multicolored materials like this? It tried it with color mixer note and cell noice pattern , but i doesnt give me a good result , also is there a way to expand the color mixer note to use more than 2 colors? Thanks
  6. Smoke Effect Color Problem

    thx that seemed to work
  7. Smoke Effect Color Problem

    Iam Working on creating smoke combined with particles for the color , the color shows in my Dop netwerp but when i go up i wont show , anyone know how to fix than? thx in regards