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  1. Hi, how is it possible to read the offset from $YMIN, $YMAX, $SIZEY to get values? thanks.
  2. Automating rops with python

    many thanks. I have to learn python next.
  3. Automating rops with python

    ok. Here it is. render_all_mantra_rop_exclude_problem.hipnc
  4. Automating rops with python

    hi, yes this is what i meant. I added your new line but this will not work. What am I doing wrong? thanks.
  5. Automating rops with python

    many thanks. very helpful. How is it possbile to exclude the null object from script?
  6. Hi, how is it possible to get shadow and reflections from object for one certain object? Is it possible to hide the shadow/reflection casting object? thanks.
  7. Vex - Generate @Cd threw intersecting with a mesh

    Many thanks.
  8. Hello, how is it possible to generate @Cd threw intersecting with a mesh? In the area from the second mesh should be colored points or primitives on the first mesh. thanks.
  9. Scattering Objects without Overlapping

    Hi, how is this possible? thanks.
  10. Automating rops with python

    This page shows the principle: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniPython#press_.27save_to_disk.27_on_a_rop My problem is that I have no experience with python. I'm just starting to get along with vex. It would be very nice to give me a hint. How should the script look like, with which I manage to create my own “mantra rop” with “output path with object names” from the selected objects? Could I set the scene floor to be added to each one? thanks.
  11. Automating rops with python

    Hi, Is it possible to render all existing rops and also rops in obj levels one after the other? So without manual links? It is a file with over 100 different rops. Can i achieve in hscript that a rop in an obj level takes the name of the obj level? thanks.
  12. Beginner VEX variable questions

    thanks. There's something else I can think of. What describes @elemnum?
  13. Random with percentage probabilities for different results

    thank you both
  14. Beginner VEX variable questions

    Hi, I have a little question. What exactly describes the variable @npt and @npts in VEX? Is this the same as @numpt? thanks.
  15. I have problems for the following configuration: I tried to use an If Loop in the wrangler to add certain percentage probabilities. I failed, however. In this case: a 20 percent probability that he does not select a point. a 35 percent probability that he selects 2 points. a 45% probability that he selects 4 points. The whole thing would have to be subject to a random function with seed. So far I have the impression that I would have to combine several random functions. I have no idea how to do this. I also searched the Internet, but found nothing that would have helped me. Thanks again for your help.