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  1. Color to cloth attribute transfer

    Cheers @3dome !! When I open the file it isn't transferring the attribute properly in DOP's, Im pretty sure Its because I'm on an older version '15.5.632'. The geometrywrangle you added is a great idea. The VEX expression is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm going to pick it apart and understand it a bit more, then re-build it in my previous version in houdini and see if it takes. Thanks again for the solution, much appreciated! Cheers
  2. Color to cloth attribute transfer

    Hi @3dome (and if anyone stumbles upon this thread) I worked out a solution. It's a multisolver with the cloth object, cloth solver and a sop solver pumped into it. The sop solver (importing infect attrib) is merged with a pop force using a vex 'if else' statement in conjunction with the 'infect' attrib created in SOPS. It doesn't quite work how Simon Holmedal demo'd it as the un-affected regions still react to the pull from the cloth, rather than being completely static until affected. Scenefile attached if you're interested. Cheers Al Infect_To_Cloth_Force.hip
  3. Color to cloth attribute transfer

    Yeah thats it, I guess the cloth would always be active but the gravity is activated by the attribute. See pic for reference. Cheers
  4. Color to cloth attribute transfer

    Hi guys. I'm pretty new to Houdini and I'm really unsure of the avenue to pursue achieving this effect. Essentially I have a grid with a solver changing the color of the points over time, like the infection system Simon Holmedal used in the HypervenomII spot. I then want to use this attribute to activate the cloth solver (black not affected, white affected). I really stumble at what stage in DOPs I can implement this attribute. I tried to add POP force however this doesn't work with cloth. I played a little with the multisolver node and mask input to the gravity however I have no idea how they work. If anyone could shed some light on this it would be massively appreciated. Scenefile attatched. Cheers Al Infect_To_Cloth.hip