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  1. Wouldn't that be when the tangent on the curve matches the normal of the plane?
  2. It changed name to "Classic"
  3. Do check out https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/44816/ - lkruel put together a quick little SOP that lets you call instant meshes from inside Houdini.
  4. I'm not sure what you are using to get the gradient, but with a ramp driven by dot(-I, N) you should be able to craft a gradient of your liking. IdotN.hip
  5. I will also nominate the node to create a volume from geometry, of course called "IsoOffset".
  6. But.. but.. I want to!
  7. I thought I had lost the hip file for the Multi-scale Turing Patterns, but finally I found it. It was using the old proto_install Feedback SOP so I converted that to using Solver SOP. 2017_02_28_ee_mccabe_v001.hiplc
  8. And with mouse as well - mouse wheel adjusts the digit under mouse cursor in an identical way. A small ladder superpositioned on the number itself.
  9. Yeah I suppose my setup above isn't really "texture bombing" in a strict sense, more "broken-up repetition" or "randomized wrapmode" or "aperiodic repeat". "Texture bombing" is more immediately understandable, though Solitude has a more fully featured proper texture bombing setup at http://fx-td.com/?page_id=544
  10. I'm not familiar with the asset_store subdirectory, but C:\Users\Admin\Documents\houdini15.5\otls\ should work at least.
  11. For completeness' sake; at the moment I'm collecting small pseudo-daily tests at https://dailyhip.wordpress.com/ EDIT: also, 1000th post, yay!
  12. (It's not yet clear to me where I will post what, but this seems fit to archive here) Texture Bombing Method1: Method2: For contrast, regular wrap: This is a straightforward implementation of Inigo Quilez’s texture bombing shader. It’s a vop node, so you can easily use it as a building block in a material. 2017_02_07_ee_texbomb_v001.hip ee_texbomb.hda
  13. I tried to find the file, but it must be too far down in the annals of history and I could not find it. Must be on some backup somewhere. I remember it was a weird setup. I got the uv coordinates of the particle hit, and copied a crumpled sphere to the spatial xy-position of the uv value. (x=u, y=v.) I had a second camera rendering the 0-1 range where these hit markers were floating, and a cop network that composited the rendered images on top of the atlas texture mapped on the original geometry. Fun
  14. A "this" or "self" value you could enter into the geometry path of all the attribute import functions, which would bind data from the "current" object. In mantra.
  15. In realtime engines the decals are are often projected at render time, and these days against the g-buffer (a.k.a. world-position pass in offlineland) And I think it's a good idea to give these kinds of techniques a special name, makes it easier to speak about them.