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  1. Houdini History

    a very interesting topic! Here are some pic about prisms on SGI.forums.nekochan.net
  2. Houdini 11 issues

    i have the same error.but the old houdini10 can works fine. Houdini 11.0.446.9 Windows 2003sp2 video card: 3dlabs wildcat7110
  3. Houdini 10 Wish List

    add one indispensible: better help file,pdf is more convenient for print
  4. tkx for your kindness : ) i have just test a palm in xsi,and i implement the bones in the tree,animate it,then,you guess,the tree can grow! then the flowing thing is to find a way to do the same thing in houdini,but i dont kown whether the bones can grow in houdini. some pics seq: to be contined only kinetics
  5. hi,guys,i am a newbie for the great houdini, i wanna to print the houdini help files,but you known the help file is trimmed for its embeded mozila,and i cannot open it in firefox sucessful: ( i remmembed that the old houdini 6 has a pdf verssion for help.so i wish anyone can point out some hints for me. thanks.
  6. thanks ,this is a small test,i emulate it from cmivfx:) and for you code,i found the leaves is only a line,so i disconnect it,maybe we shoud generate them just as the cmivfx:( i watch the movie<the time machine>,and i was incited by the great trees vfx,some stuff says that those trees were made from l-system and xfrog,but i am puzzled by the question how they make out of xforg ?it just a model library,it only has plugins for maya and c4d.so i wonder if the ILM only adopt the models:) thanks onc again.
  7. thanks cellchuk very much! i have tested the your code,and it works perfect for the main stem structure,but it fails to leaves and flowers,and i will try to spare some time to solve the issue. thanks
  8. i have been reading "The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants",that stuff is very enlightening,it works perfectly and intensively on my lsystem. but the following code puzzle me ,i dont known how to write the rules in houdini,can anyone help me out?thanks.