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  1. I find a dumbed down scene with an example of what you would like to achieve, always works wonders. There are many ways of approaching an issue, and many ways of answering a question. I find an example file always helps clear the air and get a conversation going. Best of luck!
  2. Not houdini related, sorry for the spam guys.
  3. I have a pretty large sim which is cached to disk, reading back the sim at 5 specific frames cause houdini to crash and IFDs to fail when rendering. Was wondering what could cause this?
  4. This might do what you want if($F<100,if(rand($F)<.5,0,1),0)
  5. Maybe give an example file of what exactly isn't working out for you. It will help better illustrate your issue.
  6. Sorry missed the Default Operation drop down, needs to be set to Set Always, working now
  7. I wanted to use deforming geometry in a sopscalerfield dop, it seems at the moment the sop I am using is not moving in dop and staying at the intial frame of the sim. Thanks for any help
  8. I guess you just need to scale the density down by the amount you scale up. ie. scale up to 100 , @density*=.001;
  9. Is there a way to easily scale volumes up without them looking low res. I am guessing no. I need to be able to export very detialed vdbs to a maya pipeline.
  10. I have an animating object coming in with transformations and rotations. My goal is to sim at the origin and then snap the sim back to the moving object. I timeshifted and moved its location to the origin, which I did with a simple inverse to the centroid. I was curious if there was an easy way to take out all of the rotations on the static object?
  11. Was wondering if there was a way to isolate all penerating faces or points in a single object. I know of a way to do it using vdbs, but its for multiple objects and not a single objects penerations.
  12. Is there any way I can grab the rotation pivots from a .bgeo in SOP level. My workflow right now is, animate an object in SOP level, dump it out as a .bgeo. Read it back in to houdini with a file node and do some more animation on it before sending it to Dops. I can get the center location using the center variable, I can not figure out how to get the correct rotation pivots from the dumped .bgeo Maybe there is an easyier way of doing this... Much appreciated
  13. Awesome!!! Works
  14. I have a vertex order on a piece of geo which I want to transfer to another geo with the same typology is there an easy way to do this??
  15. I am copying, say boxes, to a particle network and need to compute the correct velocity motion blur for my objects. The way I was thinking of getting this was to append a point SOP to the boxes and manipulating the Velocity attribute in the point SOP. Will the correct motion blur be calculated if I do this, I wanted to add more blur to my boxes as well, and doing so by multiplying my velocity attribute. But weird thing where happening to the effect. I was thinking of obtaining the particles Normal information and then giving my Geometry the same normal direction to its individual vertexes. Will this be an appropriate solution, any suggestions??