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  1. Hello Guys, Saber Jlassi and Igor Zanic are glad to announce the formation of REBELWAY CO, an online school that will focus on producing the most high-end online training. Our goal is to teach Sidefx Houdini primarily along with high-end renderers like SolidAngle Arnold and realtime rendering technology like Unreal Engine 4.0. We are proud to announce our very first workshop aimed at teaching Procedural Assets Creation In Houdini. This workshop is for all 3d Artists who want to dive into Houdini and use it for environment creation for VFX and Games. Promo video: https://vimeo.com/sabervfx/rebelway Course link: https://rebelway.net/advanced-asset-creation-in-houdini-for-vfx-and-games/ Note: all the renders are straight from arnold I hope you guys like the content and find it interesting.
  2. Ship sail RnD

    Large ocean is plane with displacment, cut in middle where flip sim is. you can find similar workflow in this tutorial https://www.fxphd.com/details/?idCourse=432 , this is complete tutorial for this kind of effect. Yes in my sim splash go over, because this is just RnD, for final i would make bit bigger container and also stronger advection around edges to get better blending. Most of my splashes come from simulation, only strong impact ones are doing using cookie from ship and ocean, and used that as extra emiter thats all, but most are from flip sim.
  3. Ship sail RnD

    Hi, I wanted to create better setup then waveLayer and splash tank, so i manage to create my own guideLayer using mix of waveLayer and splashTank workflow All sim details, core sim and foam sim count you can see on videos. video01 video02
  4. http://ibi.ac.ir/ff92c

  5. Particle rendering/delayed load

    Like Mzigaib suggest -spot light with shadow maps; -uniform volume shader - render points as circles 120mil particles - 1080p - 8-10min render time
  6. Latest collection of my rnd work

    Something i add VDBfromParticleFluid and use gradient of that surface filed to add normals to points, or i use surfacefiled from main fluid sim and with same workflow using gradient create normals.
  7. Latest collection of my rnd work

    Thanks, a lot. There is option to pick how you want to render particles sphere or circle, circle type work better when you add normals to particles.
  8. Hi, I didn't post anything for long time, this is latest collection of my houdini rnd work - Whale - Thresher jump - The Dragon - Water Splash RND - Houdini Ocean Extension Igor
  9. New Bifrost features which seem very powerful

    thank you Marty, Yes Adaptive sim, sometime can be same sim time as non adaptive, its all depend of your scene, more depth in your simulation faster and less memory on Adaptive side. Igor
  10. New Bifrost features which seem very powerful

    some of the tests that i did Igor
  11. Houdini -> V-Ray

    This look great, thanks for sharing
  12. Bullet: RBD sim as collision object for second sim

    Hi Magnus, I tried on simple scene and everything looks fine. Can you chk if this scene is working on your side? Igor bullet_simRead.hipnc
  13. Hi, How your scene look, what are you simulating, what kind of microsolver are you using? Igor