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  1. Work in progress

    Working now, thanks
  2. Work in progress

    ok fixed! Permissions problems.
  3. Work in progress

    Nevermind, I found one. I'll dig into it a bit more. Turns out I was the one who needed to clear my cache
  4. Work in progress

    hmm... I'm going to throw out the standard tech support reply of "it works for me". That's not helpful though, so have you tried clearing your cache (ctrl-shift-r) and seeing if that helps? Also do you have any examples other than my userpic that's broken?
  5. We could add that. It looks like the leaderboard functionality in the other thread might be a bit more difficult (aka, unlikely ;)). One thing to check out though is the Q&A boards on the staging server: http://staging.odforce.net/forum/ and see if that helps with some of the things you're looking for? The Q&A forums are a bit of a shift from what we currently have though, so it might be a bigger conversation
  6. NAS

    Was the pain because it was slow? Were you guys working on Windows or Linux?
  7. testing. edit: Mine says 'Save' Weird. Have you tried clearing your cache?
  8. Server downtime

    oh that's weird. Thanks for letting me know. edit: It's better now.
  9. Server downtime

    Monday update: The forum has been upgraded to the latest version and everything seems to be working well. There are some slight skin differences, but they should be minimal. For any who are interested, here is a full list of what the update brings us: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/ Thanks M P.S. If any of the 'minimal' skin changes bother you in some way, please post in the od|force suggestions/bugs forum.
  10. Server downtime

    Update: The server has been upgraded and everything seems to be stable. The forum will be upgraded later tonight or tomorrow morning (PST). Thanks Marc
  11. Server downtime

    The backstory is that Jason and I were trying to find a name for our newly fledged Houdini website, and so we challenged the artists in the studio to come up with a name (bearing in mind that Jason and I were the only two Houdini users in the facility). We even offered a reward for the best name: pizza! About 20 minutes later we stumbled across the 'Od Force' definition on some website somewhere and ran with it. The pizza we bought ourselves was amazing.
  12. Server downtime

    Hi all We need to run maintenance on the server as well as upgrade the forum. The work will take place this weekend sometime, so if you get here and things look down, please be aware that we're working on it ;). Thanks M
  13. I just tried Marty's suggestion and it works. There's a new version of the forum out now that I'm testing, I'll see if it's more obvious there.
  14. Hey Tom Yeah I know what you mean. I think it's a 'feature' of the forum. I can certainly look into it, but I'm not terribly hopeful :).
  15. Work in progress

    oddly enough, the link is there, it's just not working. There must be a problem somewhere else that's breaking it. I'll keep digging. M