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  1. I just tried Marty's suggestion and it works. There's a new version of the forum out now that I'm testing, I'll see if it's more obvious there.
  2. Hey Tom Yeah I know what you mean. I think it's a 'feature' of the forum. I can certainly look into it, but I'm not terribly hopeful :).
  3. oddly enough, the link is there, it's just not working. There must be a problem somewhere else that's breaking it. I'll keep digging. M
  4. Hey all There are some bugs with the current theme of the site. I'm looking into why and slowly rolling forum updates into some of the theme templates. If you notice anything weird then just give it a few minutes. If it persists then please reply here and I'll take a look. Thanks Marc
  5. yeah it definitely would be :). I'll put that back asap, thanks for the feedback. M
  6. I use shelf tools because I'm lazy. And then I proceed to hack the living daylights out of them.
  7. This is well done, thanks for sharing. The rest of the channel is quite good too. M
  8. Yeah. Hooray for the joys of mySQL. Apparently there's something that we can do to change the minimum search length (default 4 characters), but since our db is quite large it's a bit of a risky maneuver. M
  9. Apparently I can't do this thing. If you feel strongly about ads, then I can downgrade you after you donate, that's really easy M
  10. ha :). I'm sure I could. I'll see if I can dig around with it today. Thanks M
  11. Yeah it's a skin bug that got introduced at some point in the upgrade to the new version of the forum. It doesn't happen on the staging forum though, which is odd. I can take another stab at looking at it, but the last time I looked I couldn't find it. M P.S. If anyone knows anyone trustworthy who has coding skills to help with the site, I will not turn them away ;).
  12. I may have special admin privileges. One sec, let me check.
  13. Yip, try it out next time you reply here. I added the bold tag above in the source view.
  14. You can view the code by clicking on the 'source' button in the editor. Will that work for you?
  15. Hey Jeff Nope that's not really on the roadmap. What are you looking to do that would require html formatting? M
  16. Hey Not a bad suggestion. When I was reorganizing things for the upgrade I suggested moving the art forums higher in the list, but the idea was shot down by others (I cannot remember who) :). I feel like some of this is shifting now that people are creating more beautiful images and posting them here, which is a far cry from where we were 10 years ago. I'll look into it. M
  17. Apologies for the downtime everyone. I'm investigating a fix. Thanks Marc
  18. I agree with a lot of what has been said here and I think the most important of them is to bear in mind the artistic intention of the shot and try and figure out what story the director is trying to tell with the effect. Effects are very rarely what you would see happen in the real world. They're something based in reality, but transformed through the lens of the camera (and the story the director is telling) to do something that should look real, but not behave 100% realistically. If you can figure out what the director is trying to do you will go a lot further than if you present something that is 100% correct from a technical point of view. That might have something to do with the changing notes/directions too. It's typically very difficult for a director to explain what he wants to see (the snow kicks should be happy!) and that's where the artistic interpretation comes in.
  19. There is actually a Q&A style forum that we could convert some of the topics to. Here's an example on our staging forum: http://staging.odforce.net/forum/index.php?/forum/5-qa-example-forum/ It would be easier to manage the questions that way. Right now it's a tough thing to hunt down the unanswered ones and kill them.
  20. Hey Sorry, I completely forgot to reply to this. Apparently the limitation is a mysql limitation, or at least that's what the story was 7 years ago when I last looked ;). I can check again to see if anything has changed, or if there are better solutions. M
  21. Ok it seems to be fixed now, please let me know if you still cannot upload anything. M
  22. Hey Yeah it's a problem affecting the entire forum. Something broke in the last few days, I have an open ticket with the forum software company to take a look. I will update this thread when I know more. Thanks M
  23. I know that this is something that everyone would want to see more of here, so here's your chance to throw your ideas into the proverbial hat. What would you like to do? Ideas can range from the silly (check the challenge archive), to the insanely houdini specific, to the general fx style challenge (things blowing up etc.). Thanks M
  24. I've never used discord, but I'll happily take a look. We used to have an IRC channel that was sort of semi-official :). It would be nice to have something like that back. I'll investigate and see what it would take. Cheers M
  25. Here's a non-update: I've found some mention of this on the interwebs, but nothing conclusive. If you can find a pattern of when it hits then I can try and trigger it and trace the injection. For example the last one happened when you came to the forum via google or another search engine. If you came directly here then the redirect wouldn't trigger. So if you notice a pattern then please let me know. As of now, I haven't been redirected from od|force. Thanks M