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  1. Hacked site

    spammers will spam, that's the nature of the interwebs. We've turned on first post moderation for now, which will shield everyone from the spam. Hopefully it dies down soon and we can turn it off again. M
  2. Tools forum

    To be honest my initial idea was to have it called 'marketplace', possibly with subsections for free, tutorials, HDA's, etc. So something like that is likely what we'll head towards. Likely starting with the free section.
  3. Tools forum

    Hey all We've noticed an increase of people posting HDA's and other general tools in random forums around the site. To help everyone we thought it would be beneficial to open a forum dedicated to the sharing of these so they can live in one place and be browesable: http://forums.odforce.net/forum/71-tools-hdas-etc/ Let us know what you think. There is also the option of opening up a commercial tool repository where you can sell HDA's, tutorials etc. Let us know if this is something that you'd like to see. Thanks Marc
  4. Tools forum

    Confusion all around! :). What we have right now is a good thing though, so we'll figure out the other one and go from there. M
  5. Tools forum

    Hey I think there's been some confusion, both on my part and therefore everybody else's :). The tools forum would be for people to post HDA's that they want to share with the world, not specifically for tools discussion. However it seems like there's a real need to discuss the creation of these things too. I'll leave the forum as a discussion one, but go back to the drawing board on a 'sharing' forum. Thanks M
  6. Tools forum

    yeah no worries. If you come across something then feel free to flag it, I wouldn't spend too much time on it :). We can build it slowly..
  7. Tools forum

    Maybe? I haven't thought it through that well yet :). It does seem like it's worth investigating though, so I'll look into it a bit more. M P.S. Thanks for flagging the posts, I'll move them when I have some time.
  8. Tools forum

    I should've added a poll to this :). eh well. If there are no major issues with this then I will begin to find all the scattered tool posts and move them into the new forum. If you find any, please message me (or report them) and we'll move them into the correct place. Thanks M
  9. Please allow me...

    I know this is a bit late, but I missed this thread and felt like I should comment. Firstly, this topic amuses me since I think I could count on two hands (maybe some toes) the amount of times we've had to lock threads in the 20 years this site has been running. So the assertion that we're trigger happy thread lockers is a bit of a stretch. Now it may be that some of the very small number of locked threads belonged to some people in this thread, and if that's true then I would suggest taking a look at your online etiquette and perhaps adjusting a few things. You should note that we have very few rules governing each forum, where most other forums on the internet have a laundry list of do's and don'ts for posting. The reason for that is that we have an amazing community of professionals who actually like to help each other produce great work. Healthy debates are certainly welcome, but personal attacks are not. tl;dr: If the topic descends to the equivalent of "no, you!", "heck you!" etc, then it is looked at as a lockable entity. Don't want that to happen? Don't behave that way. M
  10. Turned em off for now. Although it does highlight that we have no social media strategy, which is a bit of an epic fail in 2018.... oh well
  11. lol... nope. I didn't even see that. I'll take a look, thanks
  12. Common Sense

    Now this thread is really done.
  13. ok, give or take a month or so, but approximately 10 years ago today Jason and I launched odforce as a way to get people to send us stuff . Nothing like being the only two Houdini users on an entire continent to motivate one to do something. Anyway, thanks for being with us for the first 10 years, lets see where the next 10 lead us. :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon: Marc
  14. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Actually I think my math/memory was off. We are officially 20 years old! Woo M
  15. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Ha! It's funny, we were thinking of doing a big thing, and then I started questioning whether it was this year or next year that was our 20th anniversary. Well whatever, thank you all for making this such a great forum, and here's to another 20 (or 19, or something)... Cheers! Marc
  16. Suggestion: Extend recent replies

    Just in case you weren't aware there are the activity streams you can use too: http://forums.odforce.net/discover/unread/ Not quite as well featured, but perhaps could work.
  17. Suggestion: Extend recent replies

    I increased it to show the latest 15. Any longer than that and it will take more than a glance anyway
  18. über slow

    yeah we're getting a bunch of http failure errors again. I've opened a ticket with the host to see if they can figure it out. M
  19. Hey. There's no Sidefx support on this forum. You can report a bug here: https://sidefx.com/login/?next=/bugs/submit/ Thanks M
  20. über slow

    Hey I checked the logs and we were getting hammered from a social media crawler bot which was basically DOS'ing us. I've blocked it, so hopefully things will get better. The site seems snappier now, but we should keep an eye on it for a few days. Please reply here if things go south again. Thanks M
  21. über slow

    ping times? I'll check the logs to see if I can notice anything.
  22. über slow

    Yeah I guess there are two problems I'm trying to separate out here. The first is how long it takes your connection to get to the server and the second is how long it takes to load the pages. It seems better now since the reboot, I've also turned on gzip compression for some of the assets. I'd much appreciate it if you guys could post a ping time the next time the site is slow. It seems pretty snappy for me now, but I don't really know what the problem is yet, so I'm fairly convinced it will come back again. M
  23. über slow

    Could you guys ping forums.odforce.net and let me know what your ping times are? M
  24. über slow

    Hey It's been spotty from my side, I just assumed it was our amazing internet connection at work. Is it slow for anyone else? I'll definitely look into it though. Just an FYI though, the host that we were with got bought out by another company and our server was migrated to their servers. Some issues definitely came up in the migration, but I was hoping it had settled. If this host is not as good as the last one then we can definitely look into moving. Thanks M
  25. The two ways of doing this right now are to either change the title of the thread and add a [SOLVED] to it, which is probably the best way. The other is to add a tag to the topic. Unfortunately there seems to be no way of doing it within the software itself. I'll keep looking for a plugin to help, but for now the manual option is the only way. M