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  1. Thanks J00ey! That seems to work. Will save my weekend! :-) Cheers!
  2. Thanks for the reply J00ey, I've tried your suggestion and turned off the caching on the dop network, but it does not improve the situation. Now the first wedge is different to the "original" sim, but the other wedges are now the same as the original. I am really stumped here as to what is going on...
  3. Hello everyone, today I need to try out the wedge rop for the first time. As far as I can tell I have set things up properly, and very similarly to the help file example, but I run into a strange problem. Basically the wedge rop does not randomize the parameters for each wedge differently. I have set up 4 wedges for a tiny particle system example, and although the wedge files look different from the original sim, they all look exactly the same to each other when I read them in with a file sop. If anyone would take a quick look at the provided example file and explain to me what I am doing wrong I would appreciate it very much indeed. Thanks, Doug wedge_node_issue_dkj_v001.hip
  4. Thanks Dedeks Worked like a charm, and the tutorial was great! Cheers! Doug
  5. Hello everyone, I am trying to move some points in a group along their normals, but want to try out doing so by a wrangle sop instead of the point sop, as I have heard that the point sop is getting a bit out of date. Besides it would be good to learn a bit more VEX code... However, I am new to VEX, and am struggling to get things to work. I know it is probably very simple, so my question is: how do I do this the proper way? Thanks, Doug
  6. Thanks for your reply woodenduck. Yes, I have seen them, and several others by him. But I don't think that these particular ones go very in-depth into how to best manage point clouds, what one can and cannot do with these nodes, best approaches etc.. Any other suggestions? Cheers! Doug
  7. Hello, I am just wondering if anyone here can recommend any video tutorials that cover the point cloud nodes and possible uses of these in good detail? I got the basics, but still feel as if I don't really grasp it in detail yet. Any suggestions? Thanks, Doug
  8. Thanks NSugleris! That was exactly what I was looking for :-) Cheers! Doug
  9. Hello everyone, can anyone tell me what one has to do to make sure that particles in Houdini 14 will live exactly as long as the framerange that is set, regardless of what that range is set to? Thanks, Doug
  10. Ok, so the real workaround for this problem seems to be to scale the points to 0 before the copy sop instead of deleting them. I was told it is because when the renderer samples the geometry, and points keeps changing it gets confused, producing the result I had. However with scaling to zero, the geometry is technically speaking still there, but will not show up in your renderer, the point count does not change, and it renders fine :-) Don't know if anyone else have had this problem, but that did the trick for me. Using the trail sop also worked, but only gives a linear blur, which, honestly, shoud be enough for most cases... EDIT: sorry, I didn't see your latest reply Sierra62. Thanks for the info! In this example the objects do not deform, but the path they take is such that a curved blur would look nicer. But I guess it is not really, really, necessary. I am trying to learn, however, and thus it was great how to find out how to deal with the problem if I should happen to see it again. :-) Doug
  11. Actually it seems like your trail sop suggestion did the trick... Am still curious about how stuff like this happens though... Also, the velocity motion blur I get, using the trail sop - how does that compare in quality to the deformation motion blur I get without the trails sop? Are there any differences, things to watch out for? Thanks, Doug
  12. Thanks for your reply Sierra62! I am actually deleting points over certain frameranges, depending on an animated value. What is happening is that I am creating boxes from a pointcloud inside the volume of one or more objects. I have created a set up that "dissolves" this object in 3d (using a cookie sop), which works well, but some of the boxes protrude through the dissolving geometry, so I decided to create groups for the points that are inside the geometry that is still intact, and for those points that outside the dissolve geometry. This way I can delete the protruding boxes, but keep the other ones. And this is were the problem occurs. As soon as I do that the motion blur does not seem to work for as long as I am deleting points... Thanks, Doug
  13. Hello everyone, I am currently working my way through one of cmivfx's tutorials - the one called "Houdini Mograph Title Design". In the hip file I have a copy sop that copies cubes onto points, which works fine, and everything rendered as expected as well. Until I decided to take things a bit further. One of the things I did was to delete some points that I didn't want to include in the copy procedure. I did this by procedurally creating groups for these points, and then deleting them before the copy sop. Suddenly I have the strange problem that in those frames where I delete points the motion blur (geo blur / deformation blur) no longer works, whereas in the frames where the groups/deletes are not active it works fine. What on earth is going on here? Is this a known bug, or is it a common no-no to delete points before a copy sop? At the moment I cannot upload the file - perhaps later - but I would really like to know if this is something that happens often, or if it sounds more like a bug. Help is appreciated :-) Thanks, Doug
  14. Hello again: @ eetu: I tried your approach, but it seems that I will get exactly the same problem as with my method 2, namely, that you will have certain areas that has too little resolution. Since the nurbs object is a tube there will inevitably be severe stretching in areas that does not conform well to the topology of the mesh to be "wrapped". Also, I have to up the resolution of my nurbs tube quite a bit before I get something useful. I'm not sure I understand what you meant by repeatedly raying and smoothing. Could you explain? The images show the issue I am having with my method 2, and also with the method with the wrapped nurbs surface. Can anyone else help? Perhaps there is a better way? Thanks! Doug
  15. Hi and thanks for your answers! @ Rudinie: Resampling the curve will not really work here. One problem with the ray sop is that the curves I am getting do not conform to the shape of the object properly, especially in those problem areas that has too low a resolution. Resampling after this does mean that I will get a better distribution of points, but the problem of conforming to the shape still remain. @ eetu: That sounds like a novel and interesting approach to me. I will try it out and see what I get, although I am not quite sure if I understand you correctly. How to best wrap a nurbs cylinder around the object? Just with a ray sop, or are more nodes needed? Will this work on deforming objects? Does anyone else have some additional input? Thanks Doug