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  1. Hi pusat, I'm not a programmer but i'm very interesting in opencl, can you enlighten me something about this? in houdini\ocl\sim\analysis.cl there is some code I'm not surely understand __kernel void curlAligned(__global const float *u, __global const float *v, __global const float *w, __global float *x, __global float *y, __global float *z, const float inv2dx, const float inv2dy, const float inv2dz, uint offset, const uint ystride, const uint zstride) { const size_t idx = offset + get_global_id(0) + get_global_id(1) * ystride + get_global_id(2) * zstride; float dwdy = dudxAligned(w, idx, ystride, inv2dy); float dvdz = dudxAligned(v, idx, zstride, inv2dz); float dudz = dudxAligned(u, idx, zstride, inv2dz); float dwdx = dudxAligned(w, idx, 1, inv2dx); float dvdx = dudxAligned(v, idx, 1, inv2dx); float dudy = dudxAligned(u, idx, ystride, inv2dy); x[idx] = dwdy - dvdz; y[idx] = dudz - dwdx; z[idx] = dvdx - dudy; } will you please explain something for us? 1, what is *u *v *w *z *y *z, or what's different between *u *v *w and *x *y *z; 2,what's inv2dx and ystride, why don't need xstride; 3,how do the idx compute out,what's the offset doing; thank you very very much!
  2. Hi I'm testing renderman21.2,the pxrprimvar node can read variables in Houdini, but I can't do it in maya. here is my work flow: 1,in Houdini I create some attributes : rest, mynormal, myfloat. use attributerename node to RiName. 2,export abc file to maya. 3,use PxrPrimvar node in maya to read those variable, neither rest,Rest,myfloat,Myfloat works for me. any one can tell me how to do this please? thank you very much
  3. oh yes both clumpradius and guideradius works! and here is another request, for paint such as density or any other attributes we can only paint on points or primitive, can we paint a texture directly in houdini ?
  4. about the fur, pgYeti has some really nice features I'd like to see in Houdini: 1.fursegmets should not defined as a uniform value, it should count by length, long fur has more segments. 2.now guide and clump influence radius is uniform, can every guide curve has it's own influence radius? 3.curvegroom with twist and curl tool.
  5. recently i wached some demo of game engines. it looks fantisic. so do you think will us use game engine to render filme in future? if this became true, how can our clastic renders such as renderman mantra Arnold survival? and any one know compare to unity unreal cryengine which game engine is better?
  6. hi papicrunch I have some questions about Clarisse .can you share more information about Clarisse? 1. how did you use fluids simulations to the lighting effects? 2. how did you control the emit light of each cactus and each spines? especially each splines, they were in "combine". thank you very much! solved, there is a parent level option!
  7. yeah thank you very much! I quite agree with you, and I believe H15 is much powerful, I`m waiting October 5 to see more detail about H15. but I`m very interesting on every new technology, I just want know how it works.
  8. hi I think this is a very nice way to add detail for liquid, http://www-labs.iro.umontreal.ca/~derek/files/surfaceWaves.pdf​ I`m very interesting on it.​ but both my English and math is very poor. so any one can make a simple hip file to enlighten us?
  9. Can anyone share more info about h14? Thank you
  10. https://www.redshift3d.com/ Unfortunately not support houdini, what would sesi do?
  11. hi kensonuken how do you think attach your 3delight test renderd pic and hip,to let houdini masters render it with mantra to compare it? i wander know the result too. matra pbr fur i like the render result but i would like to know the 3delight's render time
  12. nice! nice!!
  13. bacause your box is a deformed obj, you should add vel information to it or istead your deformed obj to transformed obj.