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  1. I found answer Solution inside popobject, some parms not connected to the parent parm - Bindings on the popobject
  2. Hello guys. Anybody know how to enable visualization of instance for particles if I changed Bindings name from default Geometry to as example Particles ?
  3. Guys anybody know how to use distribute shelf tool if I have custom dopnetwork inside sop ?
  4. The simplest way for you do simulation as usual, but set more than 1 substep on the dopnetwork. As result you can get data beetween frames for your slowmotion.
  5. If you have artifacts tune parameters in the display options>Texture
  6. Hello guys !!! Anybody know we have any possibility for constraint FEM like bullet ?
  7. Tomas is it great, thank you. Cool if we will have ability in the future releases of houdini to build gui for HDA with PySide.
  8. I want to connect directly button and menu. When user will press the button, menu will be filled. I cant understand how to make it with menu script.
  9. Hello guys !!! Anybody can help ? I want to add items to the ordered menu in HDA by python. On example after user press button in the HDA, script add some items to the menu. Thanks
  10. Sorry guys, i forgot I mean deform SOP
  11. Onion skinning it is very cool feature but how about perfomance of skin SOP on example. The main barrier for character animation in the houdini is lack of tools for rigging. - speed of skin SOP; - speed of constraint (i mean obj level);
  12. Anatol you can write python function that will get transformation from your nodes and generate on the obj level series of arnold procedural. I think it is single solution that we have now HTOA.
  13. The simplest way it will be write function that will build temp rop network with alembic rop inside. From doc for alembic extensions Contains utility functions for extracting information from Alembic files.