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  1. brilliant!
  2. Possible... yes. The site you cite has examples of realtime content and apparently has a business model behind it. Perhaps contact them? (Difficult to respond without context as to where you are coming from, what production knowledge you have, etc.)
  3. Looks good! Can't judge the water surface from the draw method, but the falling pieces look good. Only thing that i don't 'buy' are the pieces that float: they start upward a bit too uniformly as if a trigger has been switched, and then they bob with no rotation, which makes them look mechanical. Would be interested in your pop nodes as I'm a fan of light solutions!
  4. wow.... fantastic tools! Any plans to release these? Would make a great PulseOfLife bundle! also ... are the LOD switches easily hooked up to distance-from-camera?
  5. Is it possibly the one frame overlap? ie. looping a sequence from 0-100, you need to cut off a frame and loop 1-100. It looks subtle enough that it might be the issue. edit: then again, the jump is only really noticeable at the back... is that an edge blend effect, then?
  6. very cool! Love the music too! Will you be sharing/selling anything? I'm working towards palaeo reconstructions of various biotas... could use jellies and reefs.
  7. If one of you would share a scene with this code working, i'd be very grateful. My attempt has failed... would like to be able to grok this.
  8. okay... how'd you do that NPR!? Looks like a neural network result... very cool!
  9. very cool! Love the diversity, and that you're apparently coming at ti from all angles, tech exploration as well as having ideas in your head (assumption from images).
  10. love the round outline... I'll try a diffusion which grows inward from ruptures on a circle and try to get something similar
  11. appreciate your sharing. seems odd that those aren't registered by default but then ... ie. collision, it's also logical that it would need those objects fed in again.
  12. Thanks, APG! Very helpful.
  13. @jackassol, just pointed marc here, he's busy but shot me this gif. It will be a free tutorial... he's not finished all the rig yet, ie. the step length etc, but it's pretty promising.
  14. Marc is working on a tutorial. not sure when it will come out