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  1. I've just gone from LiceCap to Screen2Gif It has additional options and let's you edit after recording.
  2. Thinking of the human torch, perhaps draw out a trailing geometry with velocity attribute... just to get a visual mass of flame behind him, which then dissipates as simulated?
  3. Can you assign the radius to a ramp and control it that way? More control.
  4. @APG... would you share how you draw the curves and transfer that to vector? I'm very interested in directable effects and ... houdini noob. Would love to get a grip on this.
  5. Sorry for being such a noob... I've been checking the scene out (so cool!). I try and fail at introducing a modeling iteration. I'd like to introduce a deformation / morph / model process to first create a broader folding form (app frames 5-20) before the more uniform crumple deformation happens. Here a ripple. It seems to have no affect. It's before the DOPimport node in the cloth item, so I thought it would influence what the DOPNetwork has to work with. A ripple option in the DOP network itself only creates a new mesh. How / where do you introduce a modeling iteration? Is it because I have keys on the effect? I find no option to have the DOP respect animation or such. paper_crumple_v02dm.hipnc
  6. Okay. Um. I'm a bit underwhelmed. I'll continue collecting things for my feedback. Thanks for your reply!
  7. yeah, I'm familiar with that and even had the chance to get some glimpses of coming glory. I find none of my concerns with interface and workflow addressed... and @boyle... I really am interested in where you come from, for what purposes and what kind of actions you are animating. Maybe I'm missing something.
  8. Can we talk about this? I'm struggling with the interface... prepping a lengthy feedback as I find it very unintuitive to deal with even the simpler things like framing the animation segment I'm interested in, dealing with channel selections, back and forth between dope sheet and animation editor etc. I'm coming from pmG and modo... doing creature, character, camera work.
  9. There are two basic approaches, based on you/client expectations ... service vs contract. Service is a day rate, contract is delivery of product (ie. image sequence). For each, calculate how many days you expect to spend in order to meet expectations. If you do not have a specific and detailed brief, make that part one of the contract, after which the following work can be calculated. Don't forget to define number of iterations (ie. how many change requests and in what order the client can make before these become payment-required change orders). Also don't forget office costs (broadband, tel, space, etc), hardware/software maintenance, insurance and a percentual safety buffer. As you are working on the basis of an existing asset, you also have to decide what the value of that asset is. How much adaption is required? How do you want to deal with assets generally going forward? Then arrange payment in 3 segments, 1st off the bat, 2nd after sign-off on all variables (ie. on basis of a playblast documenting time length, feel, etc.) and then the third upon delivery of final - and depending on client relationship with an initially watermarked version. Have fun. And don't underestimate how much sway a client expectation can have. PS. love the motorboat wake!
  10. Interesting! What does it do? Let the forms stretch out more before breaking up?
  11. I have no chance of recreating this myself :-D So... share some new morphsogenesii!
  12. I was also wonderig that... the splashes definitely go across that sim border.
  13. I was looking for a way to get the swell in the middle and while I was unable to integrate it into your scene, I built a cloth version which shows the idea. If the collision item had some more rotation and scaling, more rhythmic back and forth - perhaps tied to a dynamic placement relative to the ship's movement, and then given additional noise like your scene has - it might be very believable and directable. vel_DM_fillSAIL.hiplc
  14. well... the water sim looks great too! :-)