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  1. okay... how'd you do that NPR!? Looks like a neural network result... very cool!
  2. very cool! Love the diversity, and that you're apparently coming at ti from all angles, tech exploration as well as having ideas in your head (assumption from images).
  3. love the round outline... I'll try a diffusion which grows inward from ruptures on a circle and try to get something similar
  4. appreciate your sharing. seems odd that those aren't registered by default but then ... ie. collision, it's also logical that it would need those objects fed in again.
  5. Thanks, APG! Very helpful.
  6. @jackassol, just pointed marc here, he's busy but shot me this gif. It will be a free tutorial... he's not finished all the rig yet, ie. the step length etc, but it's pretty promising.
  7. Marc is working on a tutorial. not sure when it will come out
  8. What didn't work? I wouldn't know how to apply an individual shader (modo speak) to decouple shadows etc. in Mantra. That thea render looks good!
  9. I'm currently failing in my attempt to ramp the displacement amount to a combo of hand-painted (or imported) weight map and incidence :-| And.. yeah. LW renders in milliseconds :-(
  10. Hey Thomas! I have a PwP scene setup. I'll brush it up and share tomorrow.
  11. wow... so much unended inspiration!
  12. I've wakened the beast :-) Cool stuff Heribert! Masking the displacement occlussion effect with an incidence ramp would already look pretty cool.
  13. Hi Heribert! Yeah, I've been watching them but they have no temporal controls, only really for stills.
  14. control the shape of a fracture : one way > check out "voronoi cluster and fracture" here
  15. enpeeeaaarrrrr!!!!!! Really looking forward to what houdini might be able to do for me... I really, really love npr or rather np authoring toolsets. Here's a few videos of a tool I went broke trying to finance. First, prototype: and here's a test, showing real-time diffusion via a motion blur hack: disclaimer: the genius behind this is Thomas Luft.