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  1. I'm experimenting on something similar (and also noob, so may be wrong). Heightfield is only projected in y, so you can project on a plane, then wrap that around into a sphere, transfer values etc.
  2. Volumelight Fog Shader

    Looks useful!
  3. Procedural Hair Cards Asset RELEASED

    would love to try... no time now, but will keep in mind for January!
  4. How to make my text glow.

    there are two issues that are perhaps getting put together here... - light emission (the effect of the light effecting things around it) this is luminous value, or light emission, - glow (a lighter atmospheric haze around the luminous object) this is what Marty is saying to do in post
  5. spread out on a landscape and rotated, I don't think anyone will notice these as variants. Likely get much more mileage by cutting branches out on the lower segments... leaving just branch twig... These also look very young, I think variants will be more useful on adult mimicking location of growth.. ie. in open field filling out, or in forest tall and slender, only needle crown at top.
  6. Juraj's playground

  7. Houdini and kayaking with breakdown .

    Fantastic! Assuming you're looking for critique... the main thing that feels a bit cgish is the water. It looks great in and of itself, but next to all the other realism it lacks variation (ie. fields of wind/wave variation aka the new 16 masking options) and color. Feels like the water is consistently cloudy, or with too much particulate overall. Nit picking at the highest of levels here!
  8. Creating colour with facing ratio

    Cool stuff, Konstantin! If you wanted to just make a group of those points, what would that last line be?
  9. RDB after deforming

    maybe fracture the table, then trigger a glue value drop (via manually match or somehow sample the progression of the melt effect)?
  10. Jake's HIPs Don't Lie

    oooo .... fernsssss .... oooo
  11. Tree and Foliage Tools

    nothing directly related to your cool tool, but fascinating reference... check how the branches rise in this timelapse: trees, timelapse
  12. Procedural Ice tool now on Gumroad

  13. Tree and Foliage Tools

    These are the kinds of tools I as houdini noob and - ahem - technically limited user hope for. I hope enough people also see the value, so that your time is honored.
  14. Tree and Foliage Tools

    Wow. Will purchase everything you release! Eyeing that ice maker!
  15. Snapping points of wires together

    Was taking the scene apart the other day, thinking... how cool is this! Not sure what to do with it yet... it's so satisfying just going down the nodes. Thanks!
  16. Thanks for the nudge (I did indeed forget... had an interview today) This is the effect I mean... first a photo of a pinewood forest with varied ages. There's almost a feel of mistyness in the y axis.... the right side I've pushed saturation over the top... you can see that younger pines have a shift to red along the y axis. It's subtle, but in a forest makes the verticle almost pulse. Musical... either that or I've spent too much time trippin gin forests :-)
  17. can't find it so quickly. Faster to go off and take a photo :-) Will share later
  18. nice! Pine like this usually has a shift from reddish to blueish grey somewhere along the trunk. If you're interested, I can dig out a photo I made as reference.
  19. Procedural rock generator

    very cool tool! Not sure why, but the links aren't working. Seems to be an internal re-direct...
  20. Pulse of Life

    Congratulations, Juraj! Fantastic work. Greets to the team!
  21. Looking very cool. I'd recommend a LOD bake-down cutoff for trees / branches beyond a certain distance to cam, though. Otherwise... madness.
  22. micro organism underwater thing in houdini

    This might be a non-issue given a larger context (shots before/after, etc) but the progression of the effect could have an intermediary step... so that the eye follows it more easily into the depth of the scene. Right now, I'm distracted by the coolness of the scene and when the effect pauses then jumps towards the back, I'm caught looking elsewhere. Alternatively, you could have a lighting or something. Generally, it doesn't have a micro feel, as everything tends to become a subsurface volume at that scale. You also have some volumetric godrays which make the scene feel biggish.
  23. fmx 2017 // Houdini od-lunch // Wed May 3

    does anyone with in-depth houdini<>unreal experience (preferably also a bit of the simulation mapping transfer) have time for a 15 min discussion round on thursday 14:00?
  24. fmx 2017 // Houdini od-lunch // Wed May 3

    mandrake... look out for me at lunch. I might have sth for you.
  25. Mushroom Asset (feedback)

    to your question on the veil break... I think if the stem attachment ring would follow the stem thickness follows, that would help sell that attachment spot. As for the cap rim attachment... I'd half-fake it... - first have a similar attachment ring as the stem, then have a number of morphs and deformers for various states of breakage and shrivel. If you'd like I could model what I'm thinking. (in the coming week, when I have a few evenings free)