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  1. Hi, would this work for you? I created an attribute based of the primitive vertex number to hold information coming from the earlier stages of the network graph, passing it all the way down to be used as an edge seam. I also had to add a facet with cusping prior to flattening the uvs because I couldn't get the mold stems to fan out. I was also looking into passing it through a for loop, but I'm worried that the setup would very much slow down even more. What is your computer specs? My PC takes processing of the whole network way too long, I had to scale down your topmost circle SOP in order to work on just a portion of it. Inside the hip file, the one's that I added/modified are colored neon green. Fungus_67_v2.zip H15.5.673 Indie
  2. No worries, I would actually still like to think of other much straightforward methods for the effect Cheers! Jeff Lim
  3. Glad you solved it! If by any chance you could still post a hip file exhibiting the problem, I'm pretty sure a lot of folks would be interested to dissect it and maybe shed a bit more light as to what was causing the discrepancy from Render View.
  4. That is cool f1! I hope you don't mind me creating a variant of the script with your method # flatten variant using regular expressions import re sel = hou.selectedNodes() for s in sel: if s.type().name() == 'curve': p = s.parm('coords') coords = p.eval() p.set(re.sub(r'(.*?),(.*?),(.*?)', r'\1,0.0,\3', coords))
  5. Hi, try out this code if it works for you. # flattens a curve without using a transform SOP sel = hou.selectedNodes() for s in sel: if s.type().name() == 'curve': p = s.parm('coords') old = p.eval().split() new = '' for i in old: vec = i.split(',') new += vec[0] + ',0,' + vec[2] + ' ' p.set(new) Just select the your Curve SOPs and run the script on a Shelf Tool.
  6. Any chance you could post a sample file? Just a shot in the dark.. could it probably be related to this issue? When using the Render View with Preview turned on.. Mantra switches to Raytracing mode. So if you are using Micropoly, renders could potentially look different.
  7. You can access data from within DOPs directly using Data Reference Syntax. The online docs has a section about it here. Alternatively, there is also the Dynamics CHOP. Maybe pull in position data from DOPS and use that on a null, then use this null as a Look At object for the camera.
  8. Hi, you could probably use a Group SOP to isolate only the small edges like this: small_edges.zip H15.5.673 Indie
  9. Hi, Here's probably one way of doing it. It sort of feels kinda old school due to the fact that I'm generating a lot of DOP Objects on the fly as opposed to the newer way of using Packed primitives. (But come to think of it, I haven't tested if packed prims do work with wires haha) I'm not sure how well it can handle thousands of strands though.. There's also a bit of a slowdown if you're going to adjust the particle sim. This is because a CHOP network needs to read in the number of particles throughout the timeline. It would essentially need to cook the whole animation range everytime you change a parameter in the sim. So I added a note inside there to disconnect a node whenever adjusting particle sims to speed things up. I suppose I should send an RFE about it, because I believe that it should not cook the outer node if I'm inside the DOPs context and none of my panes are actively reading the outer SOP. I hope this helps. Wires_on_Particles_v2.zip Saved as H15.5.717 Apprentice
  10. No worries, it's just a minor gripe. One can get used to used it. I wish I could help with coding for this forum, but unfortunately my knowledge on the topic is like subnetwork with just a null sop in it.
  11. These have been bugging me just a tiny bit Some of the icons does not seem to correspond correctly to its functionality. Here's a mock-up suggestion for the icons:
  12. I seem to be missing the view source button on my editor.. here's a screen grab of my editor buttons. I'm on Firefox.. I also tested on Chrome and IE. Win10
  13. I would assume that by viewing the code, it would also allow us to modify it? If so, that would be great!
  14. Hey Marc! On a thread I posted here, I used the mentioned workaround above to insert tables onto the thread. But it lacks finer controls, like manually setting alignment and spacing. Some of the properties that I set for the table in LibreOffice isn't getting transferred when I paste it here on the editor. So I was hoping an html view of the post would let me tinker with some of those manually. Cheers! Jeff Lim
  15. Awesome, I just tested this out. It works! Thanks Maurits! A maxscript thread here appears to have a similar problem. One of the solutions offered also made use of callbacks. And it was also mentioned there that playing an animation is thread-blocking. I'm guessing that it is similar to how most animation packages handles playback.. thus the seemingly unexpected behavior. Atom was on the right track all along