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  1. Hey Atom, I re-opened my old scene, it is still flickering and/or dropping frames. I checked my Animation Options and I do have it on integer frames. I'll try and create a simplified version of this with the animated sequence, then send it to sidefx.
  2. This one will toggle the guides for all visible Scene Viewers: panes = hou.ui.currentPaneTabs() for p in panes: if p.type().name() == 'SceneViewer': guide = hou.viewportGuide.NodeGuides val = p.curViewport().settings().guideEnabled(guide) p.curViewport().settings().enableGuide(guide, not val) Thanks again to Tom, for the general code to toggle the guides. The documentation currently seems to incorrectly list guideEnabled as enableGudie (notice two entries of enableGuide in GeometryViewportSettings). RFE'd! H16.0.550
  3. Ahaha, just making sure By the way, Tom's script works!
  4. Are you able to post a screenshot of the "guides" you are referring to?
  5. Yup, something like that. In addition to giving access to all the SOP context nodes, the default nodes (dop import) contains the data of the current sim for you to freely process as you want. In the case of the above example file, I'm simply updating the force. I hope that made sense
  6. That's a cool tip from tokeru! Seeing that that was the method used, I believe the reason why it gets expanded is because it is using the "exec()" function to evaluate the code. You can escape it using a backslash like so: c.parm("vm_picture").set("//testDirectory/teststring_\$F4.v001.exr") This seemed to work
  7. What version of Houdini are you using? It seems to be working on my end.. PYTHON SHELL: PYTHON SHELF: Or are you doing something differently to execute the Python code? If not, one possible reason why it is showing as the expanded value is that you have middle clicked your parameter.
  8. More or less yes, you can still use the same setup inside the Guide Sim DOP instead, just add the multi-solver setup with the sop solver. Although I honestly haven't used the hair tools in Houdini yet, there might be other methods intended to do the same or similar effect
  9. You can use a Sop Solver DOP to set forces for your points. H16.0.550 Indie - WindDirection_v2.zip
  10. Something like this? H16.0.550 Indie - ObjectVelocity_v2.zip
  11. Could you try the attached file? Just be careful as I'm using the Indie version. H16.0.550 Indie - Directed_v2.zip
  12. fireballs

    What is your current sub-steps settings? It might be possible that you'll also need to increase it a bit more due to your high velocity object. Here's a quick test: H16.0.550 Indie - H16_fireball.zip
  13. Something like this? H15.5.717 Indie - vex_neighbour_v2.zip I updated the file and colored the changes and additions yellow. The method I used might work or might not work on your scene as the code depends on what kind of "umbrella" geometry you're using.
  14. I thought that you were kinda going for something like this: H15.5.717 Indie - vex_neighbour.zip Any chance you could post a simple hip file?
  15. Could you possibly be referring to the neighbour and/or neighbours functions?