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  1. Hey Atom, I re-opened my old scene, it is still flickering and/or dropping frames. I checked my Animation Options and I do have it on integer frames. I'll try and create a simplified version of this with the animated sequence, then send it to sidefx.
  2. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing weird behavior in COPs where some frames tend to drop? (shows up as black) And some frames even shows up as some sort of random lines. Resulting on my final render to have random flickers due to incomplete passes. This is a capture of me scrubbing the timeline.. I'm using a VOP Cop filter that simply copies the Pz channel to R G and B: I couldn't figure out a proper repo yet as it is occurring quite randomly. Sometimes, after a fresh scene, it would exhibit the dropping.. sometimes it won't. I'm thinking that it is related to how COPs handles the image cache.. so I tried clearing/refreshing them with these methods: Reload the File SOP. Cleared the Compositing Cache from Edit menu. Cleared the Cache from the Houdini Preferences Window. Also Increased Cache Sizes. (Restarted Houdini) Used python to clear out more cached elements: hou.hscript("glcache -c") print("Cleared GL Cache") hou.hscript("texcache -c") print("Cleared Texture Cache") hou.hscript("compfree -c") print("Freed Comp Cache") I also noticed that it seems to be related to multi-channel EXR/PIC files. I almost gave up on the scene that I'm working on and was about to jump to Natron. But as a last ditch effort, I tried just rendering my scene as separate sequences per pass. (RGB, A, Z, Normal, etc..) Finally when I rendered the comp, I got no dropped frames. As soon as I can track down a repo step, I'll send an RFE to sidefx. Do you guys encounter similar problems when using COPs?
  3. This one will toggle the guides for all visible Scene Viewers: panes = hou.ui.currentPaneTabs() for p in panes: if p.type().name() == 'SceneViewer': guide = hou.viewportGuide.NodeGuides val = p.curViewport().settings().guideEnabled(guide) p.curViewport().settings().enableGuide(guide, not val) Thanks again to Tom, for the general code to toggle the guides. The documentation currently seems to incorrectly list guideEnabled as enableGudie (notice two entries of enableGuide in GeometryViewportSettings). RFE'd! H16.0.550
  4. Ahaha, just making sure By the way, Tom's script works!
  5. Are you able to post a screenshot of the "guides" you are referring to?
  6. Yup, something like that. In addition to giving access to all the SOP context nodes, the default nodes (dop import) contains the data of the current sim for you to freely process as you want. In the case of the above example file, I'm simply updating the force. I hope that made sense
  7. That's a cool tip from tokeru! Seeing that that was the method used, I believe the reason why it gets expanded is because it is using the "exec()" function to evaluate the code. You can escape it using a backslash like so: c.parm("vm_picture").set("//testDirectory/teststring_\$F4.v001.exr") This seemed to work
  8. What version of Houdini are you using? It seems to be working on my end.. PYTHON SHELL: PYTHON SHELF: Or are you doing something differently to execute the Python code? If not, one possible reason why it is showing as the expanded value is that you have middle clicked your parameter.
  9. More or less yes, you can still use the same setup inside the Guide Sim DOP instead, just add the multi-solver setup with the sop solver. Although I honestly haven't used the hair tools in Houdini yet, there might be other methods intended to do the same or similar effect
  10. You can use a Sop Solver DOP to set forces for your points. H16.0.550 Indie - WindDirection_v2.zip
  11. Something like this? H16.0.550 Indie - ObjectVelocity_v2.zip
  12. Could you try the attached file? Just be careful as I'm using the Indie version. H16.0.550 Indie - Directed_v2.zip
  13. fireballs

    What is your current sub-steps settings? It might be possible that you'll also need to increase it a bit more due to your high velocity object. Here's a quick test: H16.0.550 Indie - H16_fireball.zip
  14. Something like this? H15.5.717 Indie - vex_neighbour_v2.zip I updated the file and colored the changes and additions yellow. The method I used might work or might not work on your scene as the code depends on what kind of "umbrella" geometry you're using.
  15. I thought that you were kinda going for something like this: H15.5.717 Indie - vex_neighbour.zip Any chance you could post a simple hip file?
  16. Could you possibly be referring to the neighbour and/or neighbours functions?
  17. I sent an email to sidefx asking about python access to the Input/Output Tab of the Edit Operator Type Properties Window, with the hopes to possibly use a python callback to dynamically create the nubs. But unfortunately, python access to those is currently unavailable. (RFE #44976)
  18. Hi, I'm trying to build a new VEX Builder Type. How do you build dynamically changing number of inputs? For example, an Add VOP can have multiple inputs. Currently, the Input/Output Tab of the Edit Operator Type Properties window only let's me add inputs manually. Ideally, I would also want to connect those to a Multiparm Block List parameter if possible.
  19. You could also try accessing those attributes using vexpressions in the POP Force like so: More on info here points_v2.hipnc
  20. Try setting your channel paths to absolute. And make sure to uncheck "Load From Disk" in your pyro imports before wedging.
  21. Holy smokes! Here are my test results: 15.5.717 54m 21s (no active radius) 40m 56s (active radius 3) 16.0.504 34m 44s (no active radius) 19m 19s (active radius 3) 16.0.539 3m 21s (no active radius) 2m 43s (active radius 3) I just downloaded the latest daily build, the jump in render time is incredible! My system specs: OS: Win 10 x64 Proc: Intel i7-2600 @ 3.40GHz Memory: 32GB Video: GeForce GTX 560/PCIe/SSE2 @goldleaf: What's your system specs? I attached the H15.5 file I converted from your scene mantra_instancelights_bldgs_H15.5.zip
  22. I'm trying to understand how the Height Field Quick Shade is shading the terrain in the viewport. Somehow, modifying and or re-creating a simplified version is proving difficult. Currently, in order to learn it, I'm simply trying to create a viewport display that has an option to just set a Base Color, and a Slope Color. The Base Color is just an overall color for the whole terrain. The OGL Diffuse seems to work on this case (channel referenced in this case). The Slope Color is masked by a custom Slope field (generated by a HF Mask by Feature). Internally, I'm just using a Color Mix node with the Slope Field set to the bias like so: The setup works as expected when rendered: And by using the HF Quick Shade (as seen in the viewport): But by trying to re-create a simpler setup.. I'm unable to properly show the colors that I want in the viewport: How do I set the OGL Diffuse to the output of say, a Color Mix VOP? Here is my current network and H16 file: terrain_vp_colors.zip
  23. SideFX Houdini - History Houdini 15.5 2016-MAY-19 Modeling New PolyBevel 2.0 SOP New PolySplit 2.0 SOP New Dissolve 2.0 SOP TopoBuild tool (phase II) Variable width offsets in PolyExpand2D Double-click for edge loop selection Double-click for point and primitive island selection Crowds Advanced locomotion controls Direct FBX Imports for agents Vertex normal support for deforming crowd agents New Agent CHOP New Terrain Adaptation SOP Improved crowd steering behaviour Accurate foot planting Mocap Biped 3 with library of motion clips UVs Triplanar UV projection VOP Curvature support for UV Bake Tighter UV island packing in layout Lighting and Rendering Third Party Rendering Support in Houdini Indie - Today: RenderMan, Arnold, and Octane - Coming: Redshift, V-Ray and Maxwell New VR Camera built using new VR lens shader DOF and Motion Blur in OpenGL ROP Overscan rendering support and crop window fixes OpenGL displacement mapping in viewport "Render to Disk in Background" button on SOHO ROPs Photon tracing control in Mantra User Experience Better Euler tumbling in viewport 3D handle enhancements File chooser enhancements Improved geometry snapping Multi row/column pasting in Parameter Spreadsheet Help system enhancements Character "Delta Mush" deformation support Multi overlapping selection in Dopesheet Hair and fur grooming enhancements Performance Faster VEX function loading and more efficient memory use Faster saving of large geometry HQueue performance optimizations Volumes OpenVDB 3.1 Interoperability Many Alembic enhancements Houdini 15.5 Price (as of2016-FEB-06) Package Type Node-Locked Floating Subscription Houdini FX Commercial $4,495 $6,995 Perpetual Houdini Commercial $1,995 $2,995 Perpetual Houdini Engine Commercial $499 $795 Annual Houdini Indie Limited Commercial $199 --- Annual Houdini Engine Indie Limited Commercial FREE --- Annual Houdini Education Non-Commercial $75 --- Annual Houdini Apprentice Non-Commercial FREE --- Monthly Houdini 15.0 2015-OCT-15 UI GGX and PBR in viewports XML Menus Geometry PolyBridge Block Begin/End Looping Paste at cursor Animation Onion Skinning Character Picker Pane Pose Library Pane Dynamics FLIP handling 2B+ particles Crowds Rag Doll States Rendering Principled Shader (Disney) Shader Layering in VOPs Viewport Normals Material Stylesheets Update IPR Render times info Read PSDs in COPs Bake Textures Houdini 14.0 2015-JAN-15 UI Qt for GUI Visualizer New Color Picker (TMI) Animation Editor (Channel Editor) Workflow Improvements Dynamics Point Based Dynamics (PBD) Crowd Simulation Gas Curve Force Hair Grooming Material Stylesheets Bunch of New Nodes Attributes can now hold Arrays Mantra license now per-machine (previously per-CPU) Houdini Engine for UE4 2015-DEC-03 Houdini Engine for 3dsmax 2015-NOV-06 Houdini Engine 2.0 2015-OCT-15 Houdini Indie 2014-AUG-07 Houdini Engine for Cinema 4D 2014-APR-23 Houdini Engine for Unity 2013-NOV-20 Houdini Engine for Maya 2013-NOV-20 Houdini 13.0 2013-OCT-31 Particles Particles as DOPs VEX-based (Faster) Stream Concept Dynamics Finite Element Solver New Fluid Surfacer Debris Shelf Tool Packed Primitives OpenEXR 2 (ILM) OpenSubdiv (Pixar) OpenVDB (Dreamworks) Update VEX/VOP Can now create geometry Linear Workflow Data Tree Houdini Engine Introduction 2013-JUL-11 Maya Cinema 4D Houdini 12.5 2013-MAR-14 FX CloudFX OceanFX OpenVDB Sparse Volumes Primitive (Dreamworks) OpenCL DOP FLIP Animated Densities, Viscosities & Timescales Bullet Concave Geos New Bullet RBD Constraints Lighting Volume Lights Independent Env Light Workflow Alembic Updates Alembic Procedural Shader File SOP/DOP Create Dirs Geometry PolySoup Primitive Remesh SOP Wrangle Nodes UI Group visualization Coincident Points Bind VOP Houdini Master Price Drop - $4,495 2012-AUG-07 Houdini 12.1 2012-AUG-07 Edge Grouping OpenVDB Initial Integration Alembic update "Houdini FX" Naming Orbolt Smart Asset Store Tetra Primitives Houdini 12.0 2012-MAR-01 Simulations Faster (Pyro, Cloth, FLIP, Hair/Fur) FLIP Viscosity PyroFX 2.0 Re-written core OpenCL/GPU simulation Clustering Pyro Shader SOP Solver Bullet (now default) RBD Rendering PBR for Volumes IES Lights OpenGL ROP Point Instance Procedural Shader Viewport Rewrite - OpenGL 3.2 Performance Monitor New geometry core (GA library replaces GB library) Houdini Master Price Drop - $6,695 2010-JUN-10 Houdini 11.0 2010-JUL-27 Simulations FLIP Solver - See History Dynamic Fracturing (Voronoi) SPH Speed Up Improvements on Fur/Cloth Volume Nodes Shader Building Material Shader Builder Delayed Load Procedural VOP Ptex Uniform Volume Property (PBR/RT) VOPs Shader Effects Collapse/Peg Debug/Bypass Viewport OpenGL Effects (Volumes, Lights, Normals) 11.1 Alembic Support Extended Support for OpenEXR & Field3d Houdini 10.0 2009-APR-16 Simulations Distributed Sims Smoke Up-res Rendering Progressing Interactive Photo-realistic Rendering (IPR) PBR Multi-threading Engine now implemented in VEX Deep Camera Maps Dynamics RBD - ODE Cloth Crumpling/Tearing Misc Stereo Support Sticky Notes Shaking Disconnect Shift/Ctrl movement shortcuts MotionFX Houdini Apprentice HD - $99 2008-JUN-12 Houdini 9.0 2007-SEP-20 Fluid Dynamics Solver Liquids Smoke & Fire (PyroFX) New User Interface Tool Shelf Parameter Interface Mantra PBR & Volume Rendering Volume Primitives Python Support 9.5 Mac Support (2008-JUN-12) FBX Export Houdini Master Price Drop 2007-MAR-01 Node Locked - $7,995 Floating - $9,995 Houdini 8.0 2005-OCT-06 New Dynamics Architecture DOPs Light Linking and Interactive Photorealistic Rendering (IPR) Character Workflow Improvements Irix Support Discontinued Disney's The Wild, C.O.R.E. (3 Years - 2006-APR-20) 8.1 Auto Rig Muscle Houdini Master - $17,000 2005-OCT-06 Package Floating Node-Locked Houdini Select $1,299 $1,599 Houdini Halo --- $2,999 Houdini Escape $1,999 $2,999 Houdini 7.0 2004-SEP-20 Takes Manager RSL VOPs Channel List / Dope Sheet Documentation File Loading Free HDK Houdini Escape (Model, Anim, Texture, Light, Render) - $1,999 RenderMan Support Character Tools Improvements Houdini 6.0 2003-MAY-08 Digital Assets (OTLs) 6.1 UV Pelt (2003-JUL-23) Syflex Plugin (2004-FEB-09) - $2,200 Character Workflow Improvements Houdini Master 2002-JUN-28 Houdini Halo (Comp) 2002-JUN-22 Houdini Escape (Character) 2002-JUN-22 Houdini Apprentice 2002-JUL-09 Houdini - $15,999 2002 Houdini Select - $1,299 2002 Houdini 5.5 2002-MAY-14 64-Bit Support [*] New COPs (COP2) Deep Raster VOPs Major new Character Tools Houdini Community Section on website X-Men 2 BAMF - Vijoy Gaddipati, Lead FX TD, Cinesite. (Released 2003-MAY-6) Houdini 5.0 2002-MAR-12 Mental Ray (2001-JUL-11) Viewport Modeling Solaris Support (Later dropped) Houdini Select - $1,999 2001-AUG-13 Houdini 4.0 - $17,000 2000-JUL-24 [*][*][*] Resizable Panes VEX (Mark Elendt) [*] Mantra Updates Linux Port [*] 4.1 TouchDesigner was derived from this version. [*] Houdini 3.0 1999-OCT-02 [*] Motion Capture (Mouse, Keyboard peripherals) Subdivision Surfaces Higher Order Rational Curve Networks WREN Houdini 2.5 1998-MAR-28 [*] POPs CHOPS Windows NT Port Houdini 2.0 1997-AUG-05 [*] UI Enhancements Four View Modeller Advanced OpeGL Display (Transparency & Projected Spotlights) Mantra 4 Fast Motion Blur Lens Flare Built-in Network Rendering Modeling Surface Pasting Animated Trim Curves Nested Intersection Trim Loops Clay Tool Sleletal Capturing and Deformation Tools Operator Subnetworks Houdini 1.0 - $9,500 1996-OCT-02 [*] First Non-linear 3D Environment (Procedural) 3D and 2D tools Integration Nurbs RenderMan Front-end Scripting and Expression Language PRISMS Short History [*] DATE VERSION UPDATES 1998 PRISMS 7.0 Final Ship 1997 PRISMS 6.4 SGI O2 Compatibility 1997 PRISMS 6.3 RenderMan Interface 1996 PRISMS 6.1 Optimizations (Houdini 1.0 at SIGGRAPH) 1995-JUN PRISMS 6.0 Introduction of Sage, the node-based package for modeling. This was the prototype of Houdini. 1995-JAN PRISMS 5.5 L-Systems 1994-JUN PRISMS 5.4 MOCA, TIMA 1993-DEC PRISMS 5.3 MOJO, ICE, Metaballs 1992 PRISMS 5.2 FPaint Added (new C++ UI libs) 1991 PRISMS 5.1 Full-width Graph 1991 PRISMS 5.0 Crystal2 Renderer Eliminated 1991 PRISMS 4.5 Particles 1990 PRISMS 3.0 Mantra Raytrace Renderer Added 1989 PRISMS 2.0 Patch Support, Deformation SOPs 1988 PRISMS 1.5 Initial SOPs, Light Editor 1987 PRISMS 1.0 New motion editor and modeler combined to form action. Installer File Size * I set some parts to BOLD to emphasize particular version highlights. * References: Google, OdForce Wiki, SideFX Press, Houdini Help Docs, CG Channel, CG Press. * For those interested, I also posted a Houdini FLIP History blog post here.
  24. Hi, would this work for you? I created an attribute based of the primitive vertex number to hold information coming from the earlier stages of the network graph, passing it all the way down to be used as an edge seam. I also had to add a facet with cusping prior to flattening the uvs because I couldn't get the mold stems to fan out. I was also looking into passing it through a for loop, but I'm worried that the setup would very much slow down even more. What is your computer specs? My PC takes processing of the whole network way too long, I had to scale down your topmost circle SOP in order to work on just a portion of it. Inside the hip file, the one's that I added/modified are colored neon green. Fungus_67_v2.zip H15.5.673 Indie
  25. No worries, I would actually still like to think of other much straightforward methods for the effect Cheers! Jeff Lim