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  1. Delete Mesh based on Particle Velocity

    you can create a point group based on velocity in a attribwrangle node if(length(v@v)>chf("speed_threshold"))@group_particles=1; or just delete the particles directly: if(length(v@v)>chf("speed_threshold"))removepoint(0,@ptnum);
  2. Random link of interest

    10,350 3D printable scanned sculptures: https://www.myminifactory.com/scantheworld/
  3. Want particle to be stopped in bounding box

    gaslimitparticles DOP does that
  4. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    yes that would be nice. You can also type "exhelp" in the textport, it's very fast. example: exhelp -k volume
  5. dynamic resize issue

    in Tracking Object, select Track by Object/Sop and type the path of your source: ../../fluidsource1/
  6. This is an example using gnome-terminal on Linux, so you'll need to adapt the command to the type of terminal you're using... If you're on Windows maybe someone else can help
  7. [SOLVED]Shape Made Of Even Quads?

    I had a quick try, have a look at the attached file: cloth_remesh_quads.hipnc
  8. you can use the pcimportbyidx VOP
  9. Gas OpenCL

    yes that's it
  10. Gas OpenCL

    yes, it works well on volumes. Have a look inside $HFS/houdini/ocl/ The most basic example is : $HFS/houdini/ocl/sim/dissipate.cl I'll post a file tomorrow, it doesn't seem to work well on my macbook pro at home
  11. [SOLVED]Scatter By Inverse Volume Density?

    or a Volume Wrangle SOP before your scatter SOP: if(@density>0)@density=chf("max_density")-@density;
  12. How to upres Explosion / Fire simulation?

    you forgot the lowrestemperature field - it was still set as a vector field. The ramp parameters don't get referenced correctly from lowres to upres - you can copy the values manually for dissipation field and flames height (heat cool field) and the last thing, since you're using the lowres temperature field, you need to copy it back for visualization Have a look at the attached file upres_test_fix_bunker.hipnc
  13. How to upres Explosion / Fire simulation?

    Sure. The easiest way is to copy the fuel from lowres to upres 1 - save the fuel field in the lowres sim. 2 - on the upres solver, turn on "use lowres source resolution" and "source from imported fields". 3 - inside the upres solver, change the lowres_fuel and lowres_density fields type to "Scalar" (not Vector) -- I reported that bug so it might already be fixed in the latest build. also the border type on those fields should be "constant" (not Streak) same for lowres_vel hope that helps
  14. popForce boundingbox, soft falloff - how?

    you can also use a volume wrangle to create the volume mask with falloff: // fade volume near bounds float p = chf("padding"); vector b, B; getbbox(0,b,B); float m = fit(@P.x,b.x,b.x+p,0,1)*fit(@P.y,b.y,b.y+p,0,1)*fit(@P.z,b.z,b.z+p,0,1)*fit(@P.x,B.x,B.x-p,0,1)*fit(@P.y,B.y,B.y-p,0,1)*fit(@P.z,B.z,B.z-p,0,1); @density*=pow(m,chf("exp"));
  15. Killing Particles

    The popkill sets a the @dead attribute to 1, you can do the same in a popwrangle or directly delete the particles with the "removepoint" function. in a popwrangle (make sure you set your input1 as your curve SOP) // if the points are not within the search radius, delete them if(pcnumfound(pcopen(0,"P",@P,chf("radius"),1))==0)removepoint(0,@ptnum);