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  1. Sounds like what you are looking for is the "cloth attach constraint". You can find it on the cloth shelf as "attach to body", it will work with FEM.
  2. Set your RBD fractured objects "Group Mask" to read in just your pieces (in your case large_*). For your ground go to your RBD object under the Physical tab uncheck "Compute Mass" and set your "Mass" to 0 hope that helps -S
  3. Thanks! Ya I might try a bit more of a shadow on the building.
  4. Hi Odforce, I am just about finished up my study at Vancouver Film School. I am in a six month Houdini program under the instruction of Ray Corbett. I would like to share the work that I have been doing here with the community. You can see my reel at www.wagnervfx.com I guess ill give a short rundown of how I created each piece. The intro clouds are i3d volumetric renders, the tree is all procedurally created using l-systems, and the last piece is created with sprites and dynamics. I would like to thank the community for helping me create some of these pieces. Especially for those of you who have shared there knowledge of l-systems. I would also like to thank Ray Corbett, Mark Story, and the class of HD05 for all their help and guidance. Questions, comments, and crits welcome. Cheers, Stephen
  5. Fix it. ..kind of. For those of you who are interested. I just animated the generations of the other lsystems.
  6. The problem that I have run into is that as the tree grows the branches pop in instead of for lack of a better word lsys_smalltree.hip SEW_elsystem.otl
  7. Awesome! Thanks Symbolic can't wait to give it a read.
  8. Nice work symbolic! Link in also not working for me
  9. Raytraced. With depth map shadows it cuts the time in half.
  10. Haha ya render times are wonderful! Took around 30min I think for the large img.
  11. Here is the hip file I put some notes in there that i think will explain things well. If you have any other questions ill do my best to answer them. i3d_cloud_test.hip Example images from the file showing how it breaks apart. Here is an image from a bit more testing that I did. Clouds are fun! Hope that helps, Stephen
  12. Thanks aracid, I forgot that I had pading on in the i3d's haha. $F4 worked like a charm. Stephen
  13. Hi, I am creating a time laps effects were the clouds change shape and move over time. I tried just working with noise on the shader but I have found working with the i3d gives a better result. Were I am getting stuck is the rendering. I rendered out my i3d sequence and all is well. Now I can not figure out how to update the iso every frame when doing the mantra render. Anyone have any ideas? I tried to use $F to pull in the correct i3d but the iso doesn't like it and errors. Until I figure this out guess I will just have to change it frame by frame . Stephen P.S. I am not really sure if this is a rendering issue (forgive me its my first post) so feel free to move it if need be.