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  1. Hellow there.Is there a way to have the old cloth solver and cloth object in H16?Cause as for now, I can't find a way to drive my cloth sims with custom velocity flields with the new finite element solver as I used to do in the good old time.I am not looking for the external velocity offset thing, i know how to use it, but its effect is the same everywhere in space. What I needt to do is, let say, free falling pieces of cloth affected by a turbulent wind when they are crossing a precise area.Thanx for any suggestion.
  2. Having trouble when there is two (or more I gess) unified noise in the same vop, the parameters do not promote nicely. Doing nothing before promoting the second noise parameters result in a mess. Putting all the parameters of the first noise in a folder at sop level in the "edit parameter interface" result in random corrupt parameters in the second noise i.e. output range toggle not expanding the necessary parameters or duplicates of parameters not in the noise node) Any idea on how to do it properly? Is this a referenced bug? THX
  3. Underwater impact splash

    Thanks for sharing Shawn I'll give it a look today.
  4. Underwater impact splash

    Thanks Shawn, very good idea, I'll qivr it a try.
  5. Underwater impact splash

    Hi! I'm trying to achieve something looking more or less like that: https://vimeo.com/13553804 I tried many ways, without getting even remotly close to what I'm looking for. Any thought be welcome. Thanks in advance.
  6. therre is a topic in Houdini help about "Construction Plane Editing" (http://###.###.###.###/nodes/generic_state/floor) I never could find this construction plane mode / tool ? (operations with the c-plane handle do not correspond to what is described here) and there is this mysterious "Click over the construction plane any time during a Houdini session to bring up the construction plane menu regardless of what operation is current." ??? Any one knows about this stuff? Thanks P.S. posted on sidefx at the same time..
  7. per object render quality

    Thanks for you answer Peon... Of course I didn't try to set the pixel samples I tried mainly with vm_variance & vm_maxraysamples at object, primitive, shader level and could not get any of them working with no visible effect in the image itself nore in the diagnostic passes (direct samples for example)... obviously I must be missing something..... here a simple not working test with vm_variance especialy make that the enhancement sould be obvious; Put the noise level on the mantra node at .5 and at .01 on the object.... No difference whatsoever. especialy in the direct raysample pass. And there should be a difference as if I make two renders with this mantra node (without the attribute on the object) there is an obvious différence betwin noise at .5 or noise at .01, at .5 the ray count stays at 1 at .01 the ray count os going higher in regions where it is necessary.
  8. Hello everybody cant get to implement "per object render quality" as mentionned in the documentation. (pbr) Tried to add rendering properties, parametter,s attribute,s at object level, geometry level, shader level... Nothig seems to work... Is there realy a way to improve rendering on a per object (primitive, shader) basis with mantra PBR ????? THX P.S. If it is possible I would say it's prety badly documented....
  9. Hi! starting a new job in a Cie whitcht is new to Houdini and still working on Windows, I'm stuck with this very annoying problem that my hip_files dont render properly on the render farm if I use $HIP qitch is not corectly interpreted in Hbatchwhen working with mapped drives. Anyone knows a workaround without writing the full path in every output & input ??? Thx
  10. Cant find a way to drive attribute in flip sim with the new pop workflow... For example I would like to write and manage a divergence attribute on my particles to enable the divergence by attribute option on my flip solver... I had no problem to do it with the 12.5 pop way but someone have any idea on how to do that in 13? Thanks
  11. Houdini 13 Wishlist

    Probably not the first one to ask for this: A Delayed Load Procedural with cvex ability as in the Point Instance Procedural. Please
  12. Curve projection on surface

    Thank's a lot, exactly what I was looking for. Malik
  13. Curve projection on surface

    This is my first time on this forum, so, hello to everyone. New in Houdini to but yet in love, I would like to know how I could project a curve on a surface through a camera. Or maybe to get the aim vector af a cam and project in that direction. Thanks