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  1. This is along the lines of the 'it' catalog from PrMan - and something I've been wanting to script for years; but unfortunately the hscript or python support in MPlay does not expose a Save function.
  2. These images are beautiful; please keep sharing!
  3. FWIW, we've found an overall benefit for Mantra/VRay renders which is the vast majority of processes on the farm. Fluid sims we're not so sure. Cloth/FEM/Hair sims, depending on the solver it can hurt performance. Many solvers like this are not easily threaded so if a thread lands on a virtual core, it'll degrade overall performance. Some solvers try to use Affinity to favor physical cores but this can result in issues if you're trying to run more than one sim (from different sessions) on the box at the same time. So - hyperthread your farm and your comp, lighting and FX artists. Don't hyperthread CFX/TechAnm people.
  4. Looks great! Well done!
  5. I love this post! Seems like this should be on wikipedia or something...
  6. There may be a formatting error or perhaps a misspelled attribute name or type or something; make sure it's a primitive or detail attribute. If you experiment getting the Material SOP to create you stylesheet attributes (there is a toggle on that SOP), examine it's being formatted, classed, etc there, and mimic it.
  7. We've experimented lightly with it; but nothing serious yet. Chaos have stated they consider it 95% complete, but would like to hear of any areas they should focus on to make it truly useful. They're always quite responsive, so make your voice heard on the Issues page on GitHub there
  8. A little off-topic, but for some reason I got reminded of a very old thread here on odforce. What you do in the newer render hook framework is no doubt far more powerful, but I thought there was some nice near-realtime NPR here.
  9. I think you might have to ensure you have calculated velocity on your sources. This could impart some initial velocity to the pyro, thereby closing the visual gap.
  10. Yes, stick to Packed Disk/Packed Alembic for delayed loading. They do everything the Delayed Load Procedural did and a LOT more.
  11. Great images, thank you so much. I think if you stick with Mantra things will improve; especially because there are some really quite advanced things you can do with it.
  12. I think you can type this in a Textport: coredump -f
  13. Rivet Object should help you here, perhaps?
  14. I've planned my next day out with SOPnets appearing in front of my vision like an AR decision tree.
  15. Making ripples is easy- sin() waves or Ripple DOP displacement... it depends very much on the needs of your shot. What is your approach?