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  1. Happy 10th Birthday Od[force]

    Happy birthday.Take care and please make regular backup.
  2. Memory speed, DDR4 2666 vs DDR4 3466

    Gain is here but minimal. Unlimited budget ? Go for it.
  3. System Upgrade Thoughts

    From what i had read, you have a better cooling with the new noctua NH-U14s TR4 than watercooling (i don't remenber the brand). I know it sound weird...but i saw different temp benchmark who confirm this. The only down side is the Noctua coolers are beast...you can loose one PCIe port because of the size according to the motherboard you use. Second thing i can't remove from my head is : a compagny where i'm working sometime trash 4 Titan with a leaking watercooling system after 6 months.... Was using Noctua cooling system in a previous setup and i'm really happy with and silent is a important thing to me. You should maybe take a look on it.
  4. Is AMD potentially risky? (Threadripper)

    Thing to consider. Here in Europe, 1950x just get 20% price drop. It's 799,90€ instead of 999€. Dont know if it's a discount for the Black Friday stuff only or something who's gonna stay. I'm looking threads and benchmark about TR and I9 since 1 month. Still can't say the one is the best as results are differents from the task. With this price drop TR looks like the perfect deal for freelancer. Always in the blue team since almost 20 years..I'm think i'm gonna switch now for the next 5 years. If you see anything who's bugging you in this setup please tell me...i'm gonna push this order button soon. :-) Rest in peace my good old overcloked i2600k.
  5. System Upgrade Thoughts

    Hi DeeLan. Just want to know if you have already made a choice and got your new build. Looking for the same price range system.
  6. Spyrogif

  7. Houdini and kayaking with breakdown .

    I like Kayak, i like houdini : i like this !
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  14. Spyrogif

    Some links looks dead since the forum update....anyway who cares. Still available on the tumblr.
  15. Spyrogif

    2d and 3d since 2002, houdini since 2008