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  1. fmx 2017 // Houdini od-lunch // Wed May 3

    One week to go guys!!!!
  2. Hello fellow Houdniks, FMX is around the corner again and of course there will be another user-meeting this year. od-lunch will be on Wednesday May 3 during the official FMX lunch break from 1PM-2PM. I made a reservation for 20 people at the restaurant “Logo” directly inside “Haus der Wirtschaft” (the FMX venue). No registration this year - first come first served! There will be one more reminder posting here one day before but you better save the date already! Looking forward to seeing you again! Reply here so we can see who's coming! Cheers Oliver
  3. wrapping geo like Wrap3

    thanks for that file petz! After looking at it I feel like I know nothing about Houdini Need to dig into all the nodes now! Thanks a bunch! What exactly are you doing in CHOPs? Cheers Oli
  4. wrapping geo like Wrap3

    ray_sop is not able to do that I guess since it only projects points. Wrap3 actually "wraps" a mesh around another mesh. Anyone else?
  5. wrapping geo like Wrap3

    Hey guys, I guess many of you have seen this: Wrap3 Has anyone got an idea if this is possible with Houdini? If yes I'd be thankful for some pointers. Cheers Oli
  6. Hello fellow Houdniks, FMX is around the corner and we talked to SideEffects about organizing od-lunch again this year. We agreed that even though most of the Houdini Presentations will be on Tuesday we will have od-lunch one day later on Wednesday April 27 during the official FMX lunch break from 1PM-2PM. We made a reservation for 20 people at the restaurant “Logo” directly inside “Haus der Wirtschaft” (the FMX venue). If you would like to join the geek lunch please RSVP here >>> http://munich.siggraph.org/events/fmx-2016-houdini-od-lunch-wednesday-april-27/ looking forward to geek around with you! Oliver
  7. How to optimize simple volume rendering

    Nope....quality is left at 1
  8. How to optimize simple volume rendering

    Hi guys, thanks a lot for your insight and I think I will need to go the shadow-map route (my current rendertime is ~7hours on a 6-core i7) I have 14 bright area lights in my scene. Do I have to do anything else besides switching to deepshadows and tweak the resolution or is there something more fancy needed for arealights(single-sided)? Also nobody answered my question about getting rid of noise when getting close to the lightsource. Is there no optimization? cheers and thanks again! Oli
  9. How to optimize simple volume rendering

    That's what I was afraid to hear, since I also saw Redshift crunching trough volumes in record time in maya, but I think I need to stay on the CPU. And thx for your other hints! VDB sounds fair! Anyone else?
  10. Hi guys, I know this topic has been discussed all over the forums already, but lot's of the information is really old and so I wanted to ask you some questions (I'm still on H14 unfortunately...) I am totally fine with short answers (or up-to-date links) in case you are bored of that topic 1. What's the best way to get rid of noise around light sources. I know Arnold and (maybe also) VRay have clever ways to sample in those areas. Does mantra have such an optimization somewhere? 2. Am I really just left with pixel samples,volume quality and stochastic samples? Or is there a hidden speed-up somewhere? 3. I have a volume that has just a density field and I am wondering if there is a quick and easy shader to render this instead of throwing a full-blown pyro shader at it. will the pyro code be optimized (compiler wise) before the render or should I rather build my own lightweight shader? If yes, what would be a good base to start with? 4. What would be the values to tweak if I go for micropoly volume rendering? Stochastic samples don't work anymore as far as I have read today. 5. is micropoly always faster in volumes? (i am not planning on using indirect volume lighting) thx in advance guys! Oli
  11. Highlight uv/texture-borders maya style

    Thx mate! Didn't know about that option BUT it doesn't show the square. I double-checked the .abc and it still has the problem when re-imported back into Maya.
  12. Hey guys, is there a way in Houdini to find texture borders like in Maya? I just want to do a proper modelCheck and need to see UVs that are not fused properly (see screenshot from maya). Alembic archive is attached. thx in advance Oli cubeOfFail.abc.zip
  13. Houdini od-lunch @ FMX - Wed May 6

    Hey Kim, i think I remember sitting next to you the last time you attended od-lunch....must have been 3 or 4 years by now...or even more? looking forward! Oli
  14. Houdini od-lunch @ FMX - Wed May 6

    I hope so too! But please everybody do not forget to RSVP here: http://munich.siggraph.org/events/houdini-od-lunch-fmx-wed-may-6/ I you have trouble making the reservation let me know!