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  1. many thx!
  2. redshift: Fast, because of GPU speed. somehow limited to vram of your GPU. I think when you work with scenes that frequently go out of core, the speedadvantage over CPU rendering shrinks significantly? I heard about different experiences here. Maybe someone can bring up more details. no pointrendering at the moment.(advantage of octane). smart biased renderer, advantage over other GPU solutions. best Houdini integration (GPU) mantra: due to the fact that mantra is a sidefx product it will always have advantages in terms of integration when you work with H. handles polysoups and packedprims a.s.o. (redshift is working on this), advanced shaderbuilding with VEX and VOPs, you can not compare the level of flexibility you get here. gridmarkets, amazon and some other online services to expand your render capacity, i don't know any solutions for redshift and H so far. mantra handles volumes and particles better. unlimited rendertokens with one FX license!! learning mantra might give you a deeper understanding about rendering, like working with houdini gives you deeper insights in 3D in general. I am shure sidefx will push rendering with mantra or (something else?) in the near future. If you look at arnold GPU i.e. things seem to change a bit. I d say it depends on what you wanna do. When you do personal and smaller scale projects the speed advantage of some GPU's is really great. We see more and more studios adapting such a workflow. cheers
  3. does anyone have experience with clarisse on renderfarms. is it possible to use multiple nodes for single frame ipr rendering? did someone compare renderspeeds clarisse vs octane or redshift. many thx
  4. i think former parts of this series were done in Houdini? no? http://peregrinelabs.com/2017/01/platige-image-chose-yeti-to-create-cg-bisons/ nevertheless a good reference. cheers
  5. http://multi-verse.io/plugins/maya/
  6. Supermicro Superserver 6027TR-HTRF Four hot-pluggable systems (nodes) in 2U form factor. 8 * Inte Xeon E5 - 2640, 6* 2.5GHZ /12 Threads, 15MB, Turbo Boost 3 Ghz, 7.2 GT, 95W benchmarks: http://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu.php...640+%40+2.50GHz 32* 8GB DDR3 Samsung Org. Bought new on 23.05.2013 in Germany for EUR 10.500,- without VAT. Price proposals welcome! Only used on a couple of small projects. Mint condition. Cheers
  7. Hi, I hope this fits in here. We think about selling our supermicro renderserver. It is in mint condition. Only used for a couple of small projects. 19"/ 2HU, 8 * 6core xeons with 64 gig ram on each of the 4 nodes. GB ethernet and sata boot drive. If interested please pm for details. Cheers
  8. great insights as always! ...
  9. hi acey, Like mentioned, personally i get more and more used to reading and writing small snippits of code and i see the advantages. i m shure most TD's like the "new" wrangle workflows, and you re right its mutch faster to get a picture of whats going on when you understand VEX. On the other side i think many people coming from other packages, especially generalists that are not into coding, do not want to take the effort learning VEX at first. "not a single line of code" is an importing selling point for certain kind of people. remember the discussions about maya blackbox or mel omg:)! vs Houdini vops. Over the years i learned mostly everthing i know about Houdini from hip files kindly provided from sesi and the community on the forums. More and more things are now setup with wrangles what makes it definitely harder for a beginner to find into H. In vops someone might hit F1 on each single node and is getting info right away (hopefully:)) ... so besides that its for shure a great thing to learn some VEX, but as someone who tries hard to get people into houdini i'm shure haveing a simple conversion option would be a great thing to have. cheers
  10. Hi, After a while i can understand the benefits of wrangling stuff compared to hook up nodes in a vop network in certain situations. Nevertheless i often find it hard to i.e analyse more complex scripts setup with VEX. Maybe it is possible to provide some kind of automatic functionality that translates wrangles into vopnetworks? -Lucas
  11. i love mantra due to its flexibiliy, tight integration and quality, i m shure sesi will vastly improve the performance, and the ram management in the upcoming releases. nervertheless i m currently testing redshift and it looks very promising, crazy fast... maybe a nice companion for mantra. dev s told us they get about 20-30 mio triangles in 1gig of vram, 200-300mio unique polys on a 12gig card ... would be nice to see some of your work on the gpu, further unbiased vs bised, octane vs redshift. cheers
  12. thanks for the infos! have you tried feeding mantra with your scene? does keyshot take the polys straight and plain? as obj. file? what file size do you get with 10b. polys ? cheers
  13. Ihave no idea but arbitrary directional stacking sounds more clear. EDIT: sorry mestela i missed your post.
  14. would be great if sesi promoted houdini for MG a bit more. maybe another section on the website beside Games and Film? the line between graphics and vfx seems to get thinner. There are such great minds around, captured by the Houdini way of doing things. Check Simon Holmedal!! @mvsm. Although that might be a special case... Most of the people i know working in that field prefer fast n easy to use like mograph. so a serious set of mg tools would defenitely help to convince people. (to find out whats possible afterwards:)
  15. beautiful stuff! can you give us some insides how you mesh, optimize, load? render? cheers