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  1. Hi, I'm trying to recreate this effect for fun and learning purposes: https://vimeo.com/196269431 (First 10 seconds) I almost found out how to accomplish this, but the only problem I have is that my curves are intersecting with each other when they are popping up. Any idea how to fix this small issue? I was thinking about maybe making an attribute color transfer in combination with a solver sop so I can only scatter particles at area's where there are no curves, but I did not succeed creating that. Or making the initial circle smaller so you have less chance of appearing on existing curves but then the curves are disappearing instead of appearing and growing. Maybe I'm thinking to difficult, any ideas? Popping_interact_test.hipnc
  2. Yes it's now working, it was the particlefluidsurface , which can be a bit unpredictable frame to frame. I increased the Pad Bounds and now it works correctly Thanks for helping m8
  3. Thank you for the reply Matt, This test is with full predicing enabled. I did cache the fluid Flip particles with a fluidcompress node, but I did not cache the particlefluidsurface itself. I'm going to make a test with a cached particlefluidsurface and I get back with the results. The spectra masks should be fine. Any ideas how I can speed up the Mantra rendering? It renders an hour per frame at 720p (pretty noisy settings). If I turn on Motionblur it takes hours per frame. Settings: Mantra PBR, pixel sampling 7x7, min 1, max 7, noise 0,09, reflect limit 2, refract limit 1, diffuse limit 2, color limit 3. (rest is default)
  4. Hi, I'm trying to render a H16 Ocean test with Mantra. This is pretty standard guide ocean preset, got problems that I randomly get black fluidcontainer frames in the render sequence (local render). it's on different frames every time I rerender this. Any idea what it can be? Check gif below.. Gr Robbert
  5. Same problem here