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  1. P world in mantra

    I have not looked at your file, but.. are you sure you are using the correct sample filter for your P image plane? P, Pz etc must not be sampled by opacity, but rather closest surface. So you set the sample filter to closest surface, and then use something like "minmax min" for your pixel filter.
  2. Motion blur fade off effect in PBR how to?

    No idea if there is some other method, but you can do it in your shaders.. on the Global variables in SHOP and MAT contexts there is a variable called "Time". It's not the global timeline position, but the shading time (from beginning to the end of the shutter). For example if you want to tint the front of your motion blur blue and the end red, this is where you get your bias from. You could use that to manipulate opacity (with all the unfortunate side effects this has).
  3. Google Cloud Renderfarm with indie license.

    A regular floating license won't cut it (due to license restrictions). The only type of license that allows your own setup off your premises (like in a google cloud environment) is the Global Access License. SESI has explicitly acknowledged that when using a GAL a Google setup is "legal", in licensing terms.
  4. Hqueue for Nuke

    Here you go (not sure if this is still valid): http://forums.odforce.net/topic/9648-huke-rendering-nuke-on-hqueue/
  5. FMX 2010

    We will attend on wednesday, odlunch would be cool. Wir kommen von Baden-Baden.