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  1. cool~
  2. delete add bounding type (bounding obj ) 3Q
  3. delete add bounding type (bounding obj ) 3Q
  4. nice!
  5. here is a test hip file. ocean_dis_test_v01.001.hip
  6. Hi, I want to use the displacement map that generate by ocean evaluate to render the ocean,but I found that there is a little offset result between displacement and deform grid.I dont know why cause the change,please help,thanks. there is hip file.
  7. Everybody ! Mirror material of the ball, how to adjust?
  8. Python how to get it?
  9. How to print the object point group information?
  10. HI !MilanSuk Thank you very much!
  11. Everybody is good! Need you help!In the broken phenomenon of irregular objects will appear split! How to solve? bt.hipnc
  12. Can you add the output V ?
  13. nice!