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  1. vex noise output bounds

    In vops I just made an HDA for this called something like combined noises in it's various incarnations. They have the ranges for turbulent noise here. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/vop/turbnoise.html You could go hardcore and make your own custom vex expression. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/hdk/_h_d_k__vex_op.html Or you could make a vex library along the vop HDA lines.
  2. Tools forum

    There are more thread about tools and HDA's in them I've looked at, but with the three letter search issue they are surprisingly hard to rediscover.
  3. First Post!! \o/

    FIRST POST!!! \o/ Ok, I had to get that out my system, lol. This topics is literally where I spend a majority of my time in Houdini. I'm very happy for this thread. So many libraries of studios HDAs cleaning and maintaining.
  4. Tools forum

    Nice addition. Would the selling of HDA's be something directly competitive of Orbolt? I do like the idea of having a host for all stuff: selling HDAs, Tutorials, etc. as opposed to just one content type. That is a pretty big investment in the site though.
  5. Vertex Animation Tool giving mantra error

    Those mantra nodes should be composite networks. That is an awfully strange change.
  6. H16.5 displacement issue/Houdini bug?

    If you want to go third party use Substance, but I'm afraid there are not many ways to cross packages while keeping it procedural. You can go Houdini Engine if you want, but Substance is designed for keeping it procedural and communicating shaders across multiple packages.
  7. Terrain .hda Unreal to Houdini

    Welcome to the forum Mary. You could save the change out to disk with a rop_geometry or equivalent, this is the simplest. Another way that may be preferable is to use the Houdini Engine Debugger in Houdini. This will make Houdini do what ever Unreal is doing with Houdini Engine. http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ref/henginedebugger.html http://www.sidefx.com/docs/unreal/_debugging.html In Houdini go to the Windows > Houdini Engine Debugger. Find out what port Unreal is using through the unreal houdini engine interface it should be the defaults, I don't have unreal at my desk to check at the moment. And press start.
  8. The grid is not changing on load, but if you ever insert a node, or create a node from the viewport, or do other wiring functions it will shift the nodes off the grid in order to fit the nodes. I have RFE'd a few issues like this in the past. My biggest pet peeve is with the new UI in h16 they lost the snap to grid functionality when auto aligning nodes. You can send in an RFE for better snapping to grid controls, and functionality. I have sent in a few over time, but they are still not getting fixed, not enough people to complain about this feature.
  9. Spiral Gas Target Force?

    You could try just applying the second effect you have to that sphere+funnel as a modeled shape. A polygon sphere with a soft peak pulling out the pole, and then perhaps a clip plane to extend the shape over time.
  10. Reflect other object's shadows

    Cool. P.S. It says the name at the bottom of the left side identifier. Best of luck on your work.
  11. H16.5 displacement issue/Houdini bug?

    If you are going for a texture you can do these three methods: You can assign those material connections in a constant shader, or just as a render passes, with bind vops or parameters, and apply it to a 1x1 UV'd grid, with orthographic camera. If you want it in the UV space of a model you can used the new bake rop, or the old mantra commands for it. Alternatively, you can make the pattern as a vop, and use that vop in a cops/vops network to save out a texture. Also if you are making vop hda, you can just set them up so they can be used for other shaders, like accepting the UV space externally, etc.
  12. On install make sure you toggle on File Association, and/or Industry File Associations. If you are installing by command line make sure you have those appropriate flags enabled too.
  13. Reflect other object's shadows

    Hello Duy. Welcome to the forum. Can you explain the pass you are looking for a bit more? I believe you are pretty close to getting what you want though. I see almost ever combination of what you are describing. If you could reduce the stuff in your scene to just the specifically required assets you are looking for. There are a lot of mantra rops, the textures are missing(you can swap for default Houdini textures if need be), etc. So it's hard to give a quick appraisal, and not send you down a long windy road.
  14. Spiral Gas Target Force?

    The issue I believe is your sink force is too strong, causing your curl noise to be flattened out i.e. all the shredding and turbulence options in the pyro node. A quick hack would be to rotate your small object 90 degrees to be vertical and reduce your sink strength, and then post rotate it after the sim. Alternative you can make the gravity and buoyancy force on the axis for that smoke object. You are pretty much there.
  15. matte and phantom?

    Yeah no need if you are not comping.