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  1. Yeah, confirming the Foreach subnetwork is the old one.
  2. For this under the object tab: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/out/ifd#objects_tab Headlight Creation - If there are no lights in the scene, a headlight is created by default. To disable, turn off this checkbox. This is there by default so people making quick test renders have a light on. You can toggle it off, if you know you don't need it. You don't need a UV lens shader, for any render layer support. Generally speaking it extremely rare to use lenses shaders in 3-D, except for extreme special cases, like dome rendering. For the idmap can you post an image of the one in substance you want to mimic. It's not very clear what you are looking for, as there are a lot of methods that can fit with that description.
  3. ditto, Thanks
  4. More Cowbell
  5. It's getting to the point where they either need to overhaul it or remove it. It's almost a pointless archaic tool now. I tell people to just use another application, it's not production capable anymore. It's kind of like chops too. I would vote for a slow down of some 3D development if that were the choice, over removing the feature set. They updated pops after all.
  6. No worries RFE is a Request for Feature Enhancement If you don't have paid SideFX support you can submit from the below link. If you do have paid support just contact your customer representative they'll put you through the correct channels. https://www.sidefx.com/bugs/submit/
  7. Your welcome, it's a hack for that specific node, probably should make an RFE for it.
  8. So in the attached hda, check out the Script Section in the Type Properties dialog, in there is a OnCreated Script set to python. The code line reads like this: kwargs["node"].parm('fd').setExpression('opdigits(".")') kwargs["node"] is the node at the time of creation, parm('fd') is the multiparm blocklist, setExpression() is placing down the expression opdigits(".") which is the number at the end of the node in hscript. You can replace opdigits(".") with any hscript expression you want. In this case when you copy and paste the hda, and another parameter in the block list will show itself. Not in and of itself useful except for demonstration of what you are looking for. multiparmBlocklistDefault.hda
  9. I like the Rubber Toy sparking, lol I think you're first one backwards makes the most sense as sparks usually fade out pretty quickly, but definitely watch any of the fast and the furious movies. I believe this is pretty common in them all.
  10. I doesn't look like you can have an expression for the default, just an integer. You can use an OnCreated script in an hda to copy the expression on to that value once that node is created though. Probably a good RFE if you wanted to submit it. something like this below in the OnCreated, make sure you change the language to python if you choose that language. kwargs["node"].parm('folder0').setExpression(opdigits("."))
  11. It's something to share over a beer. The funny thing in all of this, is Houdini used to sell it's compositing package as Halo. Which I'm willing to bet lots of money on, was where DD based Nuke off of, and when Nuke started selling, Halo stop selling.
  12. kill -SEGV <pid> It will save your session before it dumps, just not on windows. http://forums.odforce.net/topic/14745-things-to-check-before-killing-h/
  13. I never thought I would be using cops this much... but please, oh please give this a serious under the hood fix... I never thought it would be so buggy, and a pain to work with... ARGGHHHHHHH
  14. If you want use the instancer in Houdini. It will be cheaper to create and separate each arrow, as they are a common instance. Plus you can use an instancer per a line to separate the hierarchy. road_waypoint.hda
  15. You can not copy nodes from non-commercial to indie. You need to rebuild the nodes in indie.