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  1. Good question ! theoretically you can use in a (point context) wrangler : setprimintrinsic(0, "pivot", @ptnum, set(6,6,6) ); But that will move your geometry and update your "packedfulltranform" attributes into the inverse of your new pivot offset. >> If you import an alembic from Maya you get the same values on : - Point Position - intrinsic "packfulltransform" - intrinsic "pivot" >> If you export an alembic from houdini /out on which you animated objects nodes on the /obj level you get the same behaviour as the above, all attributes are updated in same manner. >> But if you have 1000 objects inside an object node and you want to tweak and set correct "packedfulltransform" + "pivot" + having the correct translation on your points, you will find out that there is some secret magic that takes : the "pivot" and tries to compensate on the point position and packedfulltransform matrix ? one to the other every time you change something . (and of course updating the packedfulltransform) -- It would be great if someone could tell us, how intrinsics update exactly ? -- Is there a way to set your own pivots that follow your pack object ? -- The "centroid" option on the "pack" node looks like the correct thing (gives you an animated intrinsic:pivot ), is there a way that can be initialized with an offset ? -- Using "origin" option on the pack node gives you 0 values on pivot, packedfulltransform and point P, but the object still moves in the viewport (voodoo?), does that mean there are other attributes that are not exposed to the user ? Thank you , Best!