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  1. how could you do this kind of pattern in shops?

    thanks you a lot ill go into it tonight
  2. how could you do this kind of pattern in shops?

    ah, the pattern wasnt noticeable in the picture... is like this.
  3. how could you do this kind of pattern in shops?

    wut?? why would you react "downvote" on this? how is this a bad question? i really dont understand you people...
  4. i need to do this pattern on shops, i have an idea of how to do it on sops, but not in shops to use it as surface texture, here is my set up, but i want to translate it to shops to use it as texture, i know i can render it and use it, but thats not the way of the cowboy, hahaha so i want to translate it to a procedural way in shops. textura.hip
  5. Houdini 17 Wishlist

    just one thing and the most important one, FAST MANTRA!! is such a shame that you have long render times AND with noise, thats not posible!!! not worthy!! the noise reduction workflow doesnt even work in subsurface renders or you end with a very long render times
  6. Ink FX

    interesting, i will give it a try
  7. chops randomized shift and stretch, how to?

    interesting, your solution works without the need of iterate in foreach
  8. chops randomized shift and stretch, how to?

    thanks a lot also i found a way to do it with noise
  9. Motion graphics project with source files

    thanks interesting file
  10. whassup? how are you, well i have this question, how do you randomize shift and stretch in a colection of channels??? i have an stretch and shift in a foreach, but i cant get what i want to achieve is something like this: here is the file where i want to aproach that: -----------------> question.hip
  11. Snow terrain (mantra shading and render)

    20 mins per frame? in mantra? or red shift? nah, thats insane!!! not worth it, i really think that sesi should work more on the shaders department, subsurface and indirect lighting needs to be faster and cleaner, even with the clean sampling workflows you shouldnt end with a 20 min render...
  12. Spyrogif

    which program do you use to export gifs with such high quality?
  13. Caskal Learning Thread

    esto es inspirador Caskal
  14. Simulating Plant Life: Approaching realism

    going well the only thing i blame to sesi developers is noise in subsurface, is the hardest to remove, they should fix that asap
  15. just wanna know exactly which parameters are affected by Unit Mass & Unit Lenght in dops? just mass or also constraints relationships breaking behavior and drag forces?