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  1. i just wanna know what im doing wrong in this setup where i want to implement FEM + SBD spring constraint, or if is there any bug in the houdini version 16.0.504.20 on this subject. i tested it with wire objects and it works just fine, but not with fem. fem_spring_constraint.hip
  2. ohhh i found the answer, the problem was something that houdini itself warns you about, you cant merge diferent solvers with packed primitives, it just goes wrong, but i bet that everybody wants the best of two worlds, fast simulations from packed primitives with diferent solvers working fine together, so... i think that sesi should work on that. cloth_rbd_interaction_fix.hip
  3. great examples, is somewhat ironic and sad that constraint relationships works a lot better than cloth in terms of collisions, i was thinking that houdini was the best in terms of cloth
  4. hahahaha just noticed that fractured object is based in rbd packed object too, im fuck**up
  5. this is basically the problem, very wrong interaction between rbd and cloth, i need the active attribute, thats why im using this set up, but maybe i could use a constraint network. cloth_rbd_interaction.hip
  6. another option im thinking about, is running a cloth simulation and then running a rbd simulation but somehow influencing the first one, updating velocities of the first simulation, but i dunno how could be done.
  7. hi, i have a question, im to lazy to post a file because my set up is so fat and messy right now, but basically i have a cloth (fem) simulation with a sop solver with some vex driving some atributes like pintoanimation, and i have another bullet solver simulation with another sop solver passing some attributes via transfer attributes sop, they are merged with mutual interaction, and then influenced by wind and gravity dop, the set up is giving very wrong results, but i think is kinda logical because there are two diferent dop objects trying to interact and controled by two diferent sop solvers. so my question, is... how can you deal with two simulation objects ( cloth and rbd object) that are influenced by two diferent sop solvers?? is there any example out there? or some directions?
  8. but i did it houdini 16
  9. ah found a way, but i would like to know a more elegant solution, why arent point attributes changing over time in the first file? peeling_why_B.hip
  10. im trying to change pintoanimation value over time, what im doing wrong in this sop solver? peeling_why.hip
  11. they are using grasshopper for that.
  12. oh i found it, add attribute doesnt work but bind export does the job, but then... why they keep add atribute in vops if it wont work anymore? that doesnt make sense...
  13. which is the correct workflow with new while vop for point clouds? im trying to iterate in a point cloud with nearest point, but im getting erratic and wrong results, whats the apropiate setup of the new while loop in this case? connections_for_odforce.hipnc connections_for_odforce.hipnc
  14. thanks a lot... a this point i have this, i looking forward to do it more complex in some way sticky_yo.hiplc