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  1. If you want to just to tweak the motion of a few hero pieces which are packed prims I suggest caching your simulation using a file node. Then unpack the simulation and delete all except pieces you would like to alter. When you are done altering the motion merge it with your orginial simulation (with the altered peices deleted). See attached image. Alternatively, you could export it suing the rbd_to_fbx export found on the new games shelf. Bring the outputed .fbx into whatever program desired and alter the animation on any given piece
  2. I don't have the ability to look at your files at moment. But any time there is difficulty with things falling through each other this usually has to do with the collision geo. Try visualizing the bullet guide geo of each of your components and make sure that is is an accurate representation of the shape.
  3. Might want to check out this thread https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/21000/
  4. The simpliest solution would be to model that specific shape. You can then animated as its own stand alone geo, animte it on a curve, or copy it to a particle system.
  5. Its difficult to give a meaningful response when there is a variety of effects posted on that pinterest board. If you can be specific about the effect you want and break it down into its several components the community might be able to give you specific feedback or suggestions.
  6. Great Work! This has smoke a lot of great noise and movement in it. I would suggest having smoke shoot down from the thruster and collide witht the groundplane. Or cover up the dissconnect from the light wispy smoke and the large offshooting smoke with another smoke emiiter.
  7. I figured out a solution in case anyone is interested. See attached .hip packed_relationship_05.hip
  8. Anybody want to to take a crack at this one? I still haven't found a proper solution.
  9. I have one packed primitive object which consists of several pieces of geo merged together. At sop level (before it is set to become a packed primitive) I have created a core group and an outer group. I would like the core group (the red group) to remained glued only to itself and the outer group(the green group) to be spring constrained to the inner group and itself. The trick is how can I do this without manually blasting the undesired glue connections or using the delete by color method? The reason being that I have very complex geo which is very close together. I have a simple test set up .hip attached. The real which geo I am actually working on it extremely full and chaotic. Thanks! packed_relationship_04.hip
  10. You might want to consider scattering/painting points on your environment and then instancing or copying stamaping the sawdust bit to the points. They copystamping can include variables for rotation, scale, etc.
  11. Increased resolution and the right shader settings will go a long ways. Increase your resolution by decreasing the division size of your smopkeobject. When you have honed your sim enough to start rendering be sure to set the volume filter on your geo node to gaussian and adjust the volume filter width as desired when you are rendering.
  12. As a work around, for now, try making a group of the primitives you want and then append smooth node. Only apply the smooth to that specific group.
  13. Nice Work. To fix the pixelation issue on the smoke in your destruction scene here are a few things you can do: 1) Increase Resolution 2) Change your "volume filter" parameter on the render tab of your object. Set it to "gaussian". 3)Increase the "volume filter width" a bit to something like 1.1 or 1.2
  14. Yeah, agreed. The worst part is the set up.
  15. I figured it out. I needed to check on the "output back" parameter on the polyextrude node.