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  1. Flipped Normals

    There are a few things you can try. Try toggling on post-compute normals on the facet sop. If that doesn't do it. place a clean node before your facet sop and toggle on the fix overlaps, delete overlap pairs, and remove unused points. It might also be worth placing a divide node above these two nodes and toggling on don't generate slivers and avoid small angles. If all else fails you can either remesh your geo or aim the normals using vex in a wrangle.
  2. glue constraint issue

    Place a delete a node after your connect adjacent pieces. In the filter by expression parameter input $F> "the frame at which you want the glue primitives to be gone" completely. See attached image.
  3. The attached file contains an old school method for aiming normals. Including using Hscript and the old point node. This method still works fine. I am curious what other users are using as the most update to date/relevant method to accomplish this? I am assuming most people just write vex in a wrangle? old_aim_normal_method_01.hip
  4. Cable Overheating

    Looking pretty good. Maybe add a bit of drag force so that the smoke slows as it gets further from the source.
  5. How to constrain object between two others?

    Attached is a .hip file containing two examples. Object level and Sop level. animating_and_parents.hip
  6. Cable Overheating

    Ultimately, it always comes down to whatever achieves the desired visual results. So it might be worth trying at several different scales. One thing to keep in mind that if you do scale then your pyro solver settings will also need to be adjusted. It is difficult to assess the best methods without looking at a .hip file but generally if you are seeing grainy-ness that means the resolution of your container is not high enough. Especially when trying to achieve wispy curly smoke.
  7. This is a long shot but try changing your volume filter from box to Gaussian and adjusting your volume filter width.(located on object level render--shading tab)
  8. Circles between two curves

    Copy stamp circles along one of the curves. You can control the size of the circles using the stamp function in the scale parameters of your circles or a transform node.
  9. Limit Soft Selection

    Please see attached example as I believe it answers your question. soft_selection_example.hip
  10. Limit Soft Selection

    Let me see if I understand. You like the radius of your soft selection and the issue is that it will effect the points circled in red? If that is the case then add an additional edge loop to your geometry so there are more points. Then group all of the points you want effected by your soft transform.
  11. Limit Soft Selection

    Try the soft transform node instead of the edit node and be sure to input your desired grouping of points in the group parameter.
  12. Fracturing two different material types

    Hi James, Most of the work in destroying stuff in Houdini happens at this stage. It really comes down to your own artistic choices and what you can get away with. If you are breaking only one object with only one material then using one mesh works fine. But if you are destroying something with a variety of materials then I recommend using several different geometry and fracture(boolean, voronoi, etc) set ups. The benefit of approaching it this was is that you can then adjust each of them to you liking in the simulation stage. Deleting glue primitives is a great way to approach something like what you have described. Look at the controlledGlueBreaking example in the Dynamic examples of the Houdini documentation.
  13. Pyro velocity field question

    Similarly, you can also scale velocity on your source volume node inside your DOP net.
  14. Cable Overheating

    If scale is a problem you can scale up everything to do your sim. I also recommend having a look at this http://pepefx.blogspot.com/2016/04/cigarette-smoke.html
  15. Mesh Trail Clothlike Effect

    Check out Peter Quints Turbulent trails tutorial. https://sites.google.com/site/pqhoudinitutorial/