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  1. is possible to just copy paste a license file from one computer to another? or have to do the all the licensing process again?
  2. look for fabio hair system, it handle white hair and guard hair, plus a bunch of extra features.
  3. get the normals of the curve points to point along the curve (you might need to reverse if they are pointing to the tips, you want them to look at the root of the hair.) now you can: 1 group the root point 2 move/displace along the normal (there is even a sop node for that i just forgot the name)
  4. Time Warp Effect

    there use to be a tutorial using chops and modifying the time with a curve that way you could speed it up or slow it at the begging, warp it etc.. very cool setup
  5. Vacuum, Cloth?

    you can have a attribute in the object and then the cloth get close to it will grab it, that way you can say if attribute is there dont peak, else keep peaking. would be interesting to see a hip file showing how you solve this issue =)
  6. pycharm and hou

    i am trying to set up the hou module in pycharm, so i added to the path of python2.7libs project structure and this is what i get. import _hou ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found. i am trying to find the _hou any one got something similar?
  7. is it possible to run Houdini in a table 32 bits? =)
  8. when I link some parameters some of the main node get crazy wire messing up the node. example Node A has some parameters link between them. example nodeA.parm("bla") and nodeA.parm("ble") is set as reference link to nodeA.parm("bla") nothing crazy one parameter looking at another one in the same node. now I want to create a new node and link all the parameters to this new node I want nodeB parameters to look at nodeA, after running the code witch is a regular stuff just setting parameters, some of the paramters in nodeA that were just a integer now have an expression poiting to another parameter =( should I create something like if its an expression use "setExpression" if is not an expression use the regular set? def linkParmsTo(source_node, target_node): """ Link the parms of the source node to those of the target node if a parameter with the same name exists. # Produced by: # Graham Thompson # captainhammy@gmail.com # www.captainhammy.com """ for parm_to_link in source_node.parms(): # Skip folder parms. if isinstance(parm_to_link.parmTemplate(), hou.FolderSetParmTemplate): continue parm_to_link_to = target_node.parm(parm_to_link.name()) # If the target parm exists if parm_to_link_to is not None: parm_to_link.set(parm_to_link_to)
  9. Export Houdini Fur/Hair to Maya?

    try Fabio Hair system will rock your world!!!! for exporting you might need to convert the hair into actual geometry and then export that as obj, fbx, alembic etc. and import that into Houdini. but importing all those curve might be heavy. what about just export the guide curves into Houdini and then use Fabio?
  10. how can I inflate cloth ?

    multi solver with cloth and sop solver, where inside the sopsolver you put a peak sop to push the geometry,?
  11. Hair styling experiments

    thanks for sharing the file. great example on how to use vops.
  12. Setting Merge Inputs

    cof cof, setNextInput
  13. find max bounds of animated object

    sop solver with a bound node inside will do the trick and outside the sop solver a time shift with the last frame to hold it.
  14. Fur Painting

    I don't recommend using udims for driving the fur in any application, even a map low as 1000*1000 is enough to tell the engine where and what the fur should do. don't forget you wont be seeing that texture in the frame, you only using it to drive parameters. we usually have 2 uv sets, one for the textures, udims and all that stuff, (usually one map for the head, and one for the body, depends the character might be broken into limbs) and another simple uv for driving the fur.
  15. the reason that you don't see the uvs attributes or cant pass them along, since they come from another application, I am pretty sure they come as primitives attributes, there for you might need to use attribute promote, and move the uv attribute from primitive to points. then the shader will be able to pick it up