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  1. Updating menu items with python

    thanks for that
  2. Ocean Surface Tiling Issue

    is your tile size the same as spectrum tile ?
  3. Error while saving hip file

    im getting it too. After few tries, with different file name it works, but whats goin on ??? 12.5.483
  4. hey guys, few questions, Will it work with H12.5 ? Where can i see some examples of clusterThis in action ? As far as i can understand, its for delayed load point instancing. But this feature is already in Houdini, so what new is bringing this plugin ? Can I create volumetric point cloud effect with this ? I see there is VDB support, but what practically does it allow me to do, instance little volume to each point ? thanks!
  5. Houdini12 Flip Customize Resize

    great job. one question. why this dop is not beinch cached when i playback ? in Flip Object, Allow Caching is checked on. thx for sharing