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  1. Nice. Will see you guys there!
  2. You can have them both in the same mplay Simply create a new sequence and change the layout in the "View" menu. With a 4x4 layout you can have up to 16 sequences at once.
  3. Don't forget the watermarks on his videos. Watermarks are very important, so people don't steal your stuff! @Amin CGI This behaviour will get you nowhere really. When you just take what other people do and sell it as your own, then you have learned nothing at all. Sure, you have some nice sequences for your reel, but any senior houdini artist will notice if you know what you are talking about when you start working in a company, or even during the first interview. So in the long run, the joke is on you
  4. That's what pop groups are for You could even write @age>3 in the group field of your drag. pop_groups.hip
  5. We ran into the same problem yesterday. We needed Material IDs for fractured geometry that needed to be OBJ. Our workaround was to simply offset the UVs for each ID by 1 in U direction. So matID 1 was 0-1, matID 2 was 1-2 etc. Then in Max we ran a simple script to assign Material IDs based on the mapping position of each face: ( with redraw off ( undo on for obj in selection do ( int_uvfaces = polyop.getNumMapFaces obj 1 for i = 1 to int_uvfaces do ( arr_uvverts = polyop.getMapFace obj 1 i pos_vert = polyop.getMapVert obj 1 arr_uvverts[1] int_ID = pos_vert[1] as integer + 1 polyop.setFaceMatID obj i int_ID ) print ( obj.name + " done" ) ) ) ) HouMaxMatIDs.hip