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  1. You don't actually, I am a strong defender of using mantra for everything in the matter in fact I already do when I can but this new sss is a huge obstacle if you want render characters, everything that we compared with sss in mantra unfortunately was much faster and cleaner, I am sure that Sidefx is already aware of this.
  2. One tip: Don't use spaces on your paths and in the file names.
  3. Direct sss on principled shader

    Yeah I think I'll do that. Thanks!
  4. Direct sss on principled shader

    Thanks for the feedback! I see no point so far in using Raytrace so I always use the PBR engine, like you said probably is related to how PBR works I just wanted to understand why and if it is the nature of SSS why there is a 'direct sss' in the first place? With the Physical SSS I got the single and multi which function similarly with direct and indirect.
  5. Can anyone explain why I got no 'direct sss' plane when using the principled shader? Thanks.
  6. You could turn 'B Inside A' group on so you can have the intersection result as a group, I use that. I hope that helps.
  7. SSS internal shadows

    This is what I mean.
  8. SSS internal shadows

  9. SSS internal shadows

    Shouldn't SSS work as a volume taking in consideration other geometry inside or on top of it? If have a sphere with SSS and a cylinder crossing inside of it I can't see the the shadows of the cylinder inside of the sphere ou if I have this same cylinder behind I also can not see the shadow through my sphere, it is like it have a self illumination only but it doesn't interact with nothing else. Am I missing something or this is normal behavior?
  10. Awesome technique! for sure I'll try it. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Booleans let the geometry cleaner like no other technique IMHO, but I still didn't find the best way to create the cutters that makes nice non concave shapes.
  12. Transform glue dynamically. Glue to deforming objects

    Thanks, I'll take a look on that! Cheers!
  13. Transform glue dynamically. Glue to deforming objects

    Any updates on this issue? I also would like to know a way to constraint active objects on non active deforming objects.
  14. Affector matrix with packed

    Yes! That's exactly it! That's totally awesome! I didn't know how to configure that, thanks dude! Cheers!
  15. Affector matrix with packed

    I got that, but I was expecting a passive like effect I don't think that it is possible with just ignoring collisions, I think the most correct way would be caching the main object sim and them use it as a static moving object. Anyway thanks for the help.