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  1. Is there a way to use stereo live footage plate as left/right independent images for a stereo camera rig? I can't find any options to do that in Houdini I can only load one image for both eyes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Good to hear that! thanks.
  3. I am also having issues with this collision radius and collisions in general I couldn't find a way to get multi layered cloth work smoothly in any way in the matter of fact I couldn't at all I always get inter penetrations and jittering and no matter what value I put on the collision radius nothing changes, anyone else having this issue on 16.5?
  4. Wire solver feathers, question

    In this case to make your feathers stable you will need to calculate your up vector in conjunction with your normals to make it work correctly but in the end if you intend that your feathers to interact with each other and the body of a bird packed objects are not an option at least in this stage if you research you are going to find that in some systems each feather is dealt individually to get good results there are some technical papers in the internet talking about it I would suggest you read them. Anyway good luck with your project. Cheers.
  5. Wire solver feathers, question

    I would suggest instead of trying simulating that entire feathers you could simulate the wires that can deform de feathers latter you could do a point deform to do that, this kind of workflow is often used to simulate trees with a lot of geometry. I hope that helps.
  6. Affector relationship order in cloth

    Ok I got the affector options working by disabling the 'make mutual affectors' options inside the cloth solver off, but it seems that it makes the collision calculations way worse so apparently i can't use that as an optimization option.
  7. Can anyone tell me if the relationship order in the merge works with cloth solver in Houdini 16.5? If I change to 'left inputs affects right inputs' it doesn't seem to have any effect or I am wrong?
  8. You don't actually, I am a strong defender of using mantra for everything in the matter in fact I already do when I can but this new sss is a huge obstacle if you want render characters, everything that we compared with sss in mantra unfortunately was much faster and cleaner, I am sure that Sidefx is already aware of this.
  9. One tip: Don't use spaces on your paths and in the file names.
  10. Direct sss on principled shader

    Yeah I think I'll do that. Thanks!
  11. Direct sss on principled shader

    Thanks for the feedback! I see no point so far in using Raytrace so I always use the PBR engine, like you said probably is related to how PBR works I just wanted to understand why and if it is the nature of SSS why there is a 'direct sss' in the first place? With the Physical SSS I got the single and multi which function similarly with direct and indirect.
  12. Can anyone explain why I got no 'direct sss' plane when using the principled shader? Thanks.
  13. You could turn 'B Inside A' group on so you can have the intersection result as a group, I use that. I hope that helps.
  14. SSS internal shadows

    This is what I mean.
  15. SSS internal shadows