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  1. RISE FX is looking for FX-Artists/TDs

    Hello Andreas. Is RISE FX still looking for Houdini people? I've sent an email (admittedly an extremely short one) to jobs@risefx.com but I haven't gotten any reply.
  2. Roof Generator

    Hello. Lately I received a few calls from people asking me to make a tutorial or release this method in some way (maybe unlock the asset). And yes, I was (I am) thinking of making a tutorial but this will take some time. Unlocking the asset is another possibility, I'm not sure... What do you mean by "reversed straight skeleton" and what you'll be using it for (if you don't mind the question)?
  3. Roof Generator

    Thank you very much! Well, if you are talking about this last post with the weighted solution then no, it is not completed for now, it needs some more work to be usable. I hope I'll be able to finish it soon. If you are talking about the whole thread then yes, an older variant of this this roof generator is on Orbolt for quite some time now
  4. Just for starters, you are using some kind of instancing or something like that, right?
  5. I fail to see the benefits of what Mantragora did... What's the point of skinning the tube in longitudinal, alternating pairs?
  6. Or maybe something like this? pipe3.hipnc
  7. Roof Generator

    Another example...
  8. Roof Generator

    Well, I managed to turn this into a weighted solution. Now every edge can have a different angle (even negative ones, which goes outside of the contour)
  9. Roof Generator

    Thank you very much! I'm honored!
  10. Roof Generator

    Hello guys, I have an update to the roof generator that I want to show you. Now it can make gabled roofs. Gables doesn't need to be on rectangular sides (90 degrees etc), they can be anywhere. Also multiple (chained) gable walls are supported. See the images. I marked with red the sides that will become gables. There are a few minor problems to be solved, though. Ps: in case you don't know, this tool has been on Orbolt since April. In case you played with it like for example Freaq wanted, maybe some comments are in order...
  11. Bad neighborhood

    Well yeah, thank you both. Indeed, like Acey said, the y coordinate can be ignored in this case. I went with the dot product in the end, It felt better suited for the task for a number of reasons. Also I felt that the atan2 solution is less accurate. Working on this thing I learned that it's better not to test if some value is equal with 0 but if is smaller than 0.0001.
  12. Bad neighborhood

    I haven't tried much so far because I'm busy , I hoped someone already know the answer to this.
  13. Roof Generator

  14. Roof Generator

    1. Indeed, I used this tool to experiment modeling all kind of stuff. 2. No, it is not, but that seems very interesting.
  15. Bad neighborhood

    See the image. The one who can help me with this issue will have a beer from me