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  1. Group Node issue

    Thank you so much!!! It works!!!!
  2. Group Node issue

    Hi : I was trying to separate my points into two groups by the rand ($PT) >0.98. I can see that there are two point groups created from the group small node, but I can't change the point sizes individually from it's own vop sop node. It always only keep one size of my point. I would like to have the points from the group Large to become bigger but no success..... Could you please help me to see what I did wrong.... And if you can also help me with the new group nodes in Houdini 16 I will be so so happy. I couldn't finish this old tutorial with the Houdini 16 due to the new group node and I just can't apply the expression to the group expression node. That's why I have to open a old file with Houdini 16 and copy the old group node into this file. Thank you so much for your time.. Please help me ..... Galaxy06_Shading the Galaxy04.hipnc
  3. Thank you! Thank you! I will contact IT to update the build.. Hope this is the only issue......^^ Once again, thank you for your kind help.
  4. Hi! I was following this 3D Galaxy tutorial but unable to render out the point particle using Mantra. This error message keeps showing up : " mantra: Can't find geometry /obj/Galaxy/popnet1"... and preview renders shows nothing. I am using Houdini 16.0.504.20 Thank you for your help.. Galaxy06_Shading the Galaxy.hipnc
  5. Dear all: I am new to Houdini and just testing out the Ocean FX. However, every time when I am trying to render out the "default" ocean wave preset I always get this error says: Mantra: unable to load texture. ....0001.pic. and I only can render out a flat blue surface without the wave displacement. Could you please help me??? Thank you so much
  6. A Dust Storm question

    Hi Rudinie, Thank you so much for your suggestions. AND please do provide me as many critics as possible... I am very happy to have you to reply my post and pinpoint many of my mistakes. I will try the shadow options and will practice more with pyro simulation. Once again, thank you for your Tough Love and please do not hesitate to point out my mistakes. I really appreciated your help with my projects. Kevin
  7. A Dust Storm question

    Dear all: Could you please help me to improve the quality of the dust render? The render looks very blur and I couldn't get a very sharp image... I have attached the hip file and also one render image.. Thank you so much for your time, DustStormFinalTry_withPyroV04.hipnc StormtestRender.zip
  8. How to make flip fluid to form into a mesh?

    Thank you, ikarus, I will give it a try. And I might have more questions.... I am so happy that I am not alone working with Houdini. Thank you all so much..^^
  9. Dear all: I try to make a flip fluid to form into a mesh, but I have no luck with this project so far...><. I try to use the attractor but it doesn't work. The idea is to have the skull mesh rises from the button to the top and have the flip liquid to form into the mesh.. sort like to attract to the mesh. So when I turn off the skull mesh, I would just see a liquid skull. Should I create a flip object for the skull? or there is another way to make the flip form into the skull mesh. Thank you so much for your time. skull_flip.zip
  10. Make Breakable Question

    Got it! Thank you so very very much..^^
  11. Make Breakable Question

    Thank you so much Johner. I will try your suggestion and also the links. One more thing, I try to turn off the gravity but it will also effect the sphere. Is there anyway that I can exclude only the two grids, but only let the gravity to effect the sphere? Thank you for your help. ^^
  12. Make Breakable Question

    Hey guys, I have two questions about the "make breakable" in Houdini 11. Q1: I put the group numbers in the impact group, however, it doesn't break at all...><, How do I make it break based on the group numbers? Q2: I would like to test an effect that a sphere will pass through two grids (also break them)...However, it also does not work like the way I want. I am just a beginner in Houdini and trying to figure these out..... Any response will be appreciated. Thank you breakThrough.hipnc impactGroup.hipnc