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  1. If you could show me how to set that up with a bullet object, the multisolver and a wrangle node it would.
  2. Hey. I can't seem to figure out how to use geometry/sop_solver wrangles in context with bullet RBD objects. I need to limit the speed of my RBD's and I would like to use vex code instead of the built in damp and drag nodes. And also I can't use the packed primitives approach with pop wrangles. Any help/hip files would gladly be appreciated
  3. Thanks. Just what I was looking for. But will try to get it all into the 123.py instead.
  4. Do you know how to use the hou.setSessionModuleSource(). Replacing the hou.session is what I looked for. I use it to sometimes set enviroment variables, and this way I don't need to add themeach time I quit and reopen Houdini
  5. Hi I'm trying to import an external python script into the source editor. I have gotten it to work before but have forgotten what I did . Any tips? Guessing it is the hou.setSessionModuleSource, but not much help from the docs. So any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hey. I'm need some assistance with pointclouds. I'm trying to use pointclouds as a mask to feather the displacement on my ocean near the shore. The problem I have is that my poincloud crates a mask around Origo. I cant seem to figure out how to avoid this problem. I also attached the hip file if anyone is interested in having a go at it. Thanks. poincloud_distance_mask_v01_001.hip
  7. Hey. Here is what i would do. center_points_FIX.hipnc
  8. You could put the shadow matte material on the holdout geometry and load in the backplate in the renderview background. The shadow matte adds the shadows to the alpha channel. Remember to turn off the alpha contribution on the shadow matte.
  9. I need it to be random points. With that way it chooses the first 25 points. And as I said earlier i cant sort them since total point number varies. If there is a way for select_of 25 to be random points it would work.
  10. Hey Is there a way to group a random set number of points (e.g 25 out of 1000.)? Is there a rand expression for this? I cant use the sort random since my points vary in total number of points. Thanks
  11. Hi I've searched around the net but couldn't find any answers. My problem is when I import a camera from Maya. My camera has keyframes and is also in two groups witch also have keyframes. When I import the camera the groups get baked but not the camera. Is there a way of avoiding the groups getting baked? Thanks /solved
  12. Sort of not. I have a multiple curves that contains a set of points that are in a group. The points are constantly changing, and to get this to work i need to split the curve where the points are in a group. I attached a hip file with my problem. grid_setup_EX_v001.hipnc
  13. Found a workaroud, but a new problem arose. I'm not that into expression and vop sops at the moment but I need to sort a row of points from one end to another. I'm gonna attatch a curve along the points, at the moment I'm using a copy Sop and the join Sop, but need the order to be correct. Any ideas?
  14. Hi everyone. Is there a way to punch holes in a grid of curves, similar to what a cookie SOP does to surfaces? I have tried grouping the points and deleting the them, but only end up killing the points.