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  1. Games... I dunno...

    Oh my god, I forgot about these. They r of course incredible too I just reminded: FinalFantasy VII, perfect story and first class graphics. Are there any companies which use Houdini to make games???
  2. Games... I dunno...

    ICO (PS2) - incredible graphics, incredible animation, incredible story.
  3. Games... I dunno...

    Today's games suck!!! It's sad but I must agree, having highend 3D app they should make better games but maybe they think: best game=best graphics, this is a misconception. For me number one are such games: SuperMario64, ChronoTrigger(Snes), MGS1(PS2), Heart Of Darkness(incredible game, incredible!!!). I think good game is like a bottle of wine. I mean these titles like SuperMario, are older games but I play them few times a week and I love them all time coz they are so cool, did I mention I play PacMan from SuperNintendo. In these days I don't see many interesting games and PC games really suck!!! I remember, not many years ago, PC adventure games like KingQuest or Beneth a Steel Sky or Indiana Jones they were so incredible(did i mention I have them . Look at today's games, I don't see many interesting titles.
  4. cool thanx man, I try it
  5. I tried and tried and shit....... Maybe some of you know how to achieve this simple effect: How to make particles fly and stick(form) any font??? I try do this that way: -create GEO1; -put POP_NETWORK in GEO object; -put LOCATION in POP_NETWORK -create GEO2; -put FONT in GEO2; -little transform and rotate FONT to make some distance between FONT and LOCATION; Now I wanna particles from LOCATION fly and fly and stick to FONT but You know I don't wanna just COLLIDE and STICK. I wanna make ALL particles from LOCATION stick to FONT and form this font (or all word). I also tried FOLLOW_POP but ain't work
  6. Houdini job

    Thanks for everyone for answers and advices. After spending with Houdini some time, I think something about month, I know this app little better and can finally say - NO MORE MAYA!!! Actually I uninstalled all my Maya's PLEs and I stick with Houdini. What I can say more? I like Houdini community much more than any other and I feel like in family Greetz
  7. Particles Types

    I wanna change app from Maya to Houdini and my main focus area are particles so I wonder is it worth to change soft and what makes app H better of app M -Is Houdini particles have something like in example: Maya Goals? -In Maya I very often need to write code in Mel for particles. Even for change color or opacity or to attach diffrent fields on particles. I also seen Kolektiv DVD(tutorial for Maya) where one of Maya master show how to achieve one little more complicated effect and he written a lot of code. Mel here, mel there and a bit of mel there. This is meloholizm. So I wonder if I wanna achieve more complicated particle effect in Houdini also should code o lot or not??? What other advantages and disadvantages have Houdini comparing to Maya particles? Thnx for answers Greetz
  8. Particles Types

    Particles Types: Hi everyone. I noticed only four particles types in Houdini: spheres, lines, points and sprites. Comparing to Maya which have: point, ,multiPoint, strikes, multiStrikes, spheres, blobbies, clouds, sprites, doesn't look good for Houdini. I wonder if in professional productions, FX studios use diffrent particle types? Why Maya have so many types? Which particles give the best possibilities and flexibility? Can someone from DD answer? Greetz
  9. Mel Bot Wars

    yeahhh my logic is also fuzzy after some beers and I walk like this mel bots or rather... roll
  10. Mel Bot Wars

    Sounds cool but got any idea how make it?
  11. I wonder is something like this possible in Houdini? MelBotWars
  12. Houdini job

    I wonder on one thing: how usual Houdini user can find job? Look at this way: You learn Houdini at home, You learn from all materials You find on the net - 3dBuzz, Techimage, etc. You studied doc and focused at one favourited area. Cool, now You learnt somethin. Made some stuff also, some flyin' sprites, some soft bodies, some strange head models. Next You make simpe reel from stuff You made to sum studios. Do You think You'll find any Houdini job this way? The true is actual Houdini masters are people who started with Prism and they got many, many years of learn behind themselves. I really don't know how usual Houdini user can find any Houdini job. Can one of You professionals tell us: How did You found Houdini job or this is any mystery??? Greetz
  13. Hi. Sometimes I look through big studios pages to see who they look for job. Very often for FX_Animator I see: Maya+MEL, but when I see sometimes Houdini FX_Animator, in requirements I usually see: 'Houdini knowledge' or somethin like that but without any scripting knowledge. So I wonder If one wanna achive some very complicated effect in Maya should know MEL veryyy good? And to achieve the same effect in Houdini, is there need to know scripting?? Greetz
  14. Houdini fatal error

    I noticed this error especially after that: -when Houdini is in Output and I render somethin, next I go to Object and when I close Mplay, after that... BOOOM and I see an error. Is that possible error is connected with rendering or somethin ? I don't think it's overheated. Computer runs usually all day but sometimes I turn it off for night. Greetz
  15. Simple particles

    heheey it works thanx yehh I should check this stuff on 3dBuzz greetz