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  1. 3ds Max Link Constraint in Houdini

    Did you watched this video ?
  2. How to make a skinned sweep that can be subdivided ?

    Dive into the resample node , and change 'Treat Polygon as', to see difference or ... edit your profile curve sweep_box_001.hipnc
  3. [SOLVED]Skin or Sweep A Twisting Rope

    i don't try the hda but take a look here :
  4. Bunch of thoughts on SubD modeling in Houdini

    did you try the hud sliders ? http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/hud_sliders.html
  5. Bunch of thoughts on SubD modeling in Houdini

    by 'switch parameter ' , do you mean prests ? If so, look here : https://www.sidefx.com/tutorials/presets/
  6. inverskin rotation offset

    Hye The Curve Normal attribute control the twist of the bones May be this can help you bones_on_curve_twist_001.hipnc
  7. Installing a new version of Houdini 16 on Ubuntu?

    cd to your different location ($HFS),source and run or create alias in your bashrc file(is that work ?)
  8. (Novice) Align a selection to point

    Use an edit sop node , select your reference point (the yellow one)with the handle tool , copy the pivot location(let's say x), select the points you want to align , revert to default the pivots values (000) , paste tour previous value and scale to 0 in the right axe, commit at the end
  9. How to parent constrain objects

    Your transformations are not at sop (geometry) level but at the chop level , and the final output at the object level, so it's exactly what you want. Why the constraint network is inside sop , i don't know , perhaps to mimic maya hierarchy ( as in the outliner). parent_cnst_test_001.hipnc
  10. How to use len() ?

    just write i@size =len(i[]@parm); I must admit that houdini and arrays it's a big story.
  11. Try the attribute SOP node, for more details look at this video (seen last week so ...) :
  12. Bird rig

    Hy Anto , The purpose of the file i posted is to show that if you dive into the bone at sop level , you can query some useful info without using any sort of "m4 * invert + local - maya" If you create a point with an add sop , at (0,0,0) location it correspond to the root of the bone , at (0,0,-length), you get the tip. That's it ! It just act more like a point helper and is limited to position (no orientation) PS : your posts are always instructives
  13. Look here : http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/optransform
  14. Bird rig

    Look inside the bones (SOP level).Hope it helps you. PS :What is the purpose of the boxes ?????? wing_01_a_078.hipnc
  15. Pose Library for objects hierarchy

    Strange it works for me , here's a sample example file (very simple), your chop is already connected to your obj xform , look at the channel chop or the name of the channel , you have something like my_object:channel_name (null2:rx for example) Bonne continuation avec le Hou ! simple_pose_001.hipnc