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  1. HAPPY HOUR (MONTH???) SIGGRAPH 2016 Conference Content (for a limited time) : http://www.siggraph.org/learn/conference-content
  2. For me , the Atom method seems OK but instead of using the export flag in your parm , just use the chop() expression directly , and in your code just reference your parm with ch() expr. Concerning CHOP and his future , Houdini 16 come with really good stuff , look at the constraint system and the channel Wrangle . On the other hand, accessing chop data directly from vex code would be great vex read chop.hipnc
  3. I think that your "chattr" function is used with the wrong input . From the docs , the function read value from the connected CHOP input
  4. http://martindevans.me/game-development/2015/12/11/Procedural-Generation-For-Dummies/
  5. I forget to put some notes in the file i post. The up vector is accessible in the object param at object level , below the motion path setting, i just set this vector to (1,0,0) as your null travel in the YZ plane.
  6. Hope it help you. When moving object along a path , pay attention to the orientation of the up vector to avoid flipping issue. What is the purpose of the null obj in your scene file ? ap_pop_trails_loop-D-loop_01.hipnc
  7. 'vexpressions.txt' file name doesn't work for me but VEXpressions.tx is ok !! Thanks
  8. The Normal tool used in the GDC talk :
  9. Is this what you want to achieve ? custom_normal_vector.hipnc
  10. Resample your curve help to define better tangent vector. Not sure if the orientation is enough robust. ap_align_to_path_corrected.hipnc
  11. In Houdini 15 , inspect the Bend SOP for example, it's an hda. In the type propertie look at the handle tabs.
  12. You can put your userData content in a string parameter.
  13. user data ???