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  1. @Jason - try this, can't quite remember where I got it from, but it works for me in H16. Matt. Slate_houdiniTheme.zip
  2. Hi David, There may be two things causing an issue: 1) You have an rgba texture (4 floats) plugged into a port expecting a color (3 floats / vector). Is there an option on the texture node to select either rgb or rgba? Though I think you should still get something working like this. 2) It might be that your filename has the ${F} variable in it - meaning it will be looking for a file per frame. Perhaps try unchecking the option to show files as sequences in the file browser when you select the image? I'm not familiar with Arnold so can't really assist there, but hope this helps! Matt.
  3. Hi Jim, Just a quick note - is it possibly something to do with shadowing that's causing the shimmer? I ran into something similar a while back and it was either fixed by tweaking the "Raytracing Bias" setting on the Mantra ROP > Rendering > Shading tab (I think I had to set it to something like 0.1 for that particular scene scale), or by excluding the inner liquid from the environment light shadow. Was a while back and can't quite remember which one it was! Now that I think about it, it might also have been fixed by upping the light's "Sampling Quality" to 4 as well... Hope you are able to sort it out, Matt.
  4. Hey Soumitra, If you use something like : { parm1 == 1 parm2 == 5} then it behaves as if it was using an 'and' operator. Matt.
  5. It seems it might be a bug, but if you change the Coving setting to "Coving for all primitives" it appears to work. Perhaps submit it as a bug? Matt.
  6. Here's a very quick example file - and a low res quick render example. There's a neat way to customise the colours and quite a bit of control over the shape, and I'm sure with a bit of time and thought it could be improved greatly! Hope this is helpful! Matt. cloud_burst_setup_basic_H16.hip
  7. Just a quick tip : 1) Create a particle sim that matches the movement / trails that you like - you may need to use a trail SOP to add enough points per frame, or use a pointreplicate. 2) Pipe the particles (with relevant @pscale * @nage type of attributes) into a cloud SOP using "Point cloud model". NB : For more visual control, you can copy a sphere to the particles first, get a visual look that roughly resembles the shape you want and then use the "polygon model" 3) Fiddle with the settings to get a nice shape and then pipe into a cloudnoise SOP to add detail. 4) Add a cloud shader and pay attention to the "scattering phase" settings to get back scattering etc, and tweak away! When I get home later I will post a sample file. Matt.
  8. Hi James, Create either grids or points where you need your army to begin and feed those points into a crowdsource SOP. You can add orientation, velocity and other attributes to the points to help direct the simulation. The crowdsource node will give you options for randomisation, agent states and more as well. Then you can use curves to constrain your army to follow a path (I usually create the paths and ray them onto the terrain) - the help has a nice army setup that's a good starting point. It's also worth watching the short tutorial on using heightfields for crowd terrains (on SideFX.com) as it can help speed up the sim too. Hope that helps! Matt.
  9. Hey Tony, You don't change your texture names - this is the pattern you use on the shader texture fields, and you then enable the UDIM expansion on the Texture VOP - from malexander's post above: Hop that helps, Matt.
  10. Nice! Like the music too! Look forward to seeing updates. Matt.
  11. Hey, Just check that it isn't a locale problem - check out this thread and see if it helps: Matt.
  12. Nicely done! Liked your choice of music too. Matt.
  13. Colour pipeline! Having the correct colour space (luts etc) for plates, texture maps & viewers is a crucial aspect to any pipeline as it can be confusing trying to integrate different sources (Red, Alexa etc) with Cg elements and comp-library elements and keep the colour consistant. A good linear workflow can save a lot of headaches down the line, and allow the lighters & comp dept to work confidently. Good luck! Matt,
  14. I am using Houdini on MInt 18.1 with no problems at all, in fact, the performance is fantastic! I would recommend installing the display drivers manually, especially if you have an nVidia card as the default drivers are, quite frankly, crap. I use a dual monitor setup with a gtx1060, 6GB card and it runs flawlessly. Hope you get it sorted! Matt.
  15. Hi Nik, We have crowds with many different agents, and there are many methods for setting this up. When feeding multiple agents into a crowdsource node, you need to leave the 'initial state' field empty so that the each agent will use it's 'current clip' setting when simulating. If this is not set up correctly, then you will get agents either not simulating, or incorrect behaviour. Hope this helps! Matt.