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  1. Display Options, Viewport tab, Display: View Mask Opacity.
  2. This should be fixed in the latest daily build (394). Only the alembic part of the geometry is cached now, additional attributes are layered on top.
  3. ? Radeon Rx 580 8gb ?

    That's correct, software GL rendering is unsupported on all platforms as most implementations are horribly out of date (GL1.1) or extremely slow (better-off-using-IPR slow).
  4. SciTech - SideFX accepts the Oscar, 2018

    Anyone who knows Kim will tell you that's not an uncommon expression of his - which is pretty great in itself
  5. Time Machine compositing node example?

    You can use animated sequences in either - but the current frame of the second sequence is the image that's used as the frame selection for images in the first.
  6. Time Machine compositing node example?

    What Time Machine does is to select a frame from the first input's sequence based on the second input's image, on a per-pixel basis. Black maps to 0, White maps to +10 frames (by default), relative to the current frame. The easiest way to see the effect is by plugging an animation into the first input, and a ramp into the second input. Smaller values, like -2 and +2, tend to give more interesting results, especially when noise is used as the second input.
  7. Please allow me...

    Discussions are fine, as are opposing views. But once it starts getting heated and Ad Hominem attacks starting appearing, most often both sides will dig in and the discussion rarely goes anywhere useful after that. It's best just to shut down the discussion to reset it - often that results in heads cooling off, and people can try again if they like.
  8. Hardware problems

    If this just recently started, try cleaning out all fans, heatsinks and filters (including the GPU). You can do it low-tech style by blowing hard into a straw at the heatsink, though a long straw is recommended . Or use compressed air from a spray bottle. Do NOT use a vacuum cleaner due to the huge amount of static it can generate. Edit: if it's always rebooting during save and you're saving to an SSD, it might be corrupt.
  9. Show wireframe on subdiv geometry

    If you mean the wireframe directly on the subd surface, no. Wire-over-shaded mode displays the hull.
  10. 2 x 512GB M.2 SSD's - set up as RAID 0 or...

    For all the hassle that switching to RAID would entail, I wouldn't bother. Most of the time you're not going to see the transfer rates that m.2 RAID 0 would give you over a pair of regular m.2 drives. I was a little surprised that I couldn't find a PCI-Express x4 RAID card in online retailers that supported m.2 drives, but that'd probably be your least-hassle option if you really do need them RAID0.
  11. Linux Mint pros cons

    It only makes a difference if you're using custom QT scripts. Generally you'll want to use QT5, and only Qt4 if 1) you have issues with the Qt5 build, or 2) have Qt4 scripts.
  12. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    Well, you can instance geometry onto the point, or define your own render hook for points. But you currently can't do it via GLSL shaders.
  13. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    Point rendering doesn't use materials currently. Sprites look at the diffuse texture, but that's about it. That's why you're not seeing any change in the display.
  14. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    What platform, graphics card, and driver version are you using?
  15. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    Add a GLSL Shader parameter to the material (Edit Rendering Parameters, Material Option > OpenGL) and put the path to glsl .prog file into the field. GLSL shaders are responsible for a lot more than just surface shading, so you need to be careful what GL geometry types you apply the shader to. Any GLSL shader with a geometry shader stage will require a specific GL input type (triangles, lines, points), and be much more restricted as to what they can be applied to (polys, curves, particles). Others have more implicit targets, like a hair shader requiring lines or particle sprites requiring points, but not outright failing if you don't pass it the right geometry.
  16. GLSL Pipeline in Houdini

    Here's some introductory docs from the Houdini documentation to get you started. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shade/opengl.html https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shade/glsl.html
  17. Crash report - Caught signal 11

    It looks like either the Redshift renderer has used up all available VRAM, or done something to the driver's internal state to mess it up. I'm guessing there's no crash if you create a new Render View without using Redshift (ie, using mantra)?
  18. Patronus Charm Effect

    I'd start with an animated, deforming sphere, and then emit particles from that. Then import the particles into SOPs and use a Trail SOP to get some of the trails, then further perturb those with low amplitude noise, like a mountain SOP.
  19. Linux Mint pros cons

    If I had to make the decision today to choose a Linux flavour, I'd probably go with Ubuntu 17.10. They've dropped Unity and gone back to Gnome, and also allow other WMs like KDE. I haven't been impressed with the (in)stability of Cinnamon on Mint, and there's also the question of security since the Mint team has made some questionable decisions forking from the main debian branch.
  20. Memory speed, DDR4 2666 vs DDR4 3466

    It's usually not worth it unless the price is marginally different from the slower RAM (<5%). Also, if you do buy higher speed RAM than the processor officially supports, you'll need to go into the BIOS/EFI and enable the XMP profile for the RAM in order to take advantage of the RAM. It won't usually give you the rated speed out of the box.
  21. Maybe try renaming the "agents" subdir to something else, like "agents_bak", or removing it (it's in the same dir as your hip file). It sounds like one of the cached agent files is causing the crash.
  22. op:/obj/copnet/OUT is what you want. It seems to be an issue with IFD generation, as if I promote the texture map parameter to a parm on the material builder and tag it with ogl_tex1, I can see the cop texture in the viewport. So the COP half of it is working properly.
  23. MiG-23 DPRK Combat Plane & Various ammo

    Looks pretty nice! I've always liked that particular plane design. Any chance of getting a shot with the wings swept back too?
  24. Two 1070 or One 1080ti?

    Always go for 1 higher-end card over 2 mid-level cards. The compatibility issues and restrictions of SLI, not to mention the VRAM issue, only make 2 cards an option if you're pairing 2 top-end graphics cards together.
  25. Switching Views using python/hscript

    You'll need to iterate through the pane tabs in the current desktop to find one whose type is SceneViewer, then: hou.curDesktop().paneTabs()[ index_of_viewort_tab ].setType( hou.CompositorViewer)