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  1. Gtx 1080 OpenCL performance

    I tested a GTX690 with the Nvidia reference cooler a few years ago and it was pretty quiet. As today is the 1080's release day, there should be a few reviews with acoustic testing out there soon.
  2. Gtx 1080 OpenCL performance

    There's also a rumoured TitanX based on a GP102 GPU, with more 50% more ALUs (3840). Still speculated to have 1/32 FP64 based on die size, though (not that it matters for Houdini). http://techreport.com/news/30174/rumor-a-gp102-geforce-titan-and-gtx-1080-ti-are-in-the-works If the 24GB VRAM of GDDR5X is accurate, it's not going to be cheap - probably quite a bit more than the previous Titan.
  3. Sounds like a bug. It should be selectable.
  4. OpenGL watermark in Houdini Indie

    This is fixed in build 487 (15.5 and 15.0).
  5. OpenGL watermark in Houdini Indie

    What platform are you running? It's working as advertised for me (no watermark in Indie in 15 or 15.5).
  6. Raster manipulation class

    PXL/TIL_Raster is the class you want to use. setPixelValue() takes 1-4 floats, depending on the packing of the raster (1-4 components). It'll then convert the 0..1 FP value to whatever data format you've specified for the raster. You can also use clear() to initialize the raster to a constant value.
  7. Forum upgrade

    Any chance that the right "recent topics" bar could remove duplicate topics when more than one poster replies in a short period of time? I've occasionally seen it entirely filled with only 2 threads.
  8. Anyone using 4K displays for 3d?

    "High DPI" is just a name I gave to the "Very Large" UI size to make it more obvious what it should be used for. All it does is make everything bigger (in pixels), so if OSX isn't seeing it as high DPI and upscaling, it would be very large indeed.

    Yes, any sort of background saving requires that the data is kept around for saving while a new copy of the data is created to start simulating the next frame. Once the save is complete the data from the previous frame will be freed. This causes peak memory usage to be higher.
  10. The syntax for UDIM files is filename%(UDIM)d.ext where %(UDIM)d takes the place of the frame number. So if you had image1001.exr, image1002.exr, it'd be image%(UDIM)d.exr. The texture fields in the principled shader accept this format, and if you're writing your own shader, the Texture VOP has a parameter to expand UDIM sequences which you'll want to enable.
  11. IPR doesn't render shadow maps

    IPR always uses raytraced rendering, which is likely why you get raytraced shadows as well.
  12. Pascal's 16 bit compute

    Consumer versions out at the end of May! GEForce 1080, 8GB GDDR5X, May 27 ($600) GEForce 1070, 8GB GDDR5, Jun 10 ($380) Significantly boosted clocks speeds compared to the 900 series (double, to 2.1GHz) but with similar power draw. Dropping to a 16nm process (from 28) really helps with power consumption. Performance claims by Nvidia put the 1080 just above TitanX levels. ARSTechnica article
  13. For Houdini: Used Dual E5-2670 or i74930k

    It looks like the dual xeon is out of stock, so you may have your decision made for you
  14. Getting size or position of text

    It's: imgbounds( <coppath>, <planename>, <dimension>, <frame>) So you'd do something like imgbounds("/img/cop2net1/font1", "C", "w", $I) Other dimension names are: x, x1: leftmost bounds y, y1: bottommost bounds x2: rightmost bounds, inclusive y2: topmost bounds, inclusive w, width: bounds width h, height: bounds height Return value is in pixels.
  15. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    It's not so much a bug as a missing feature. There is currently is no way to set the display options corresponding to the various texture limits in the OpenGL ROP, so you're getting a low-res 3D texture for your volume. It's based on the detected VRAM of your card (and if you're on OSX, it has no idea because Apple doesn't bother to expose those vendor extensions).
  16. Houdini 16 Wishlist

    The OpenGL ROP is equivalent to the Flipbook with the "Render Beauty Pass Only" flag on. Handles, grids, and guides don't make sense in the context of an OP. Also, the OpenGL ROP can also be run in hython, so it can run on hqueue (as long as the machines have GPUs).
  17. Maya is morphing into Houdini

    I'm a little surprised it took them that long. There's nothing crazy-difficult about implementing a Copy OP.
  18. New forum style / appearance

    Ah, it's likely due to the upscaling up of the page, since I have a High-DPI monitor (28" 4K).
  19. H15 Grain Masterclass Question

    Try Copy with "Pack Geometry Before Copying" enabled (Stamp tab).
  20. New forum style / appearance

    Yep. However, most of the topic titles wrap to 2 lines for me, which makes for a total of 4 lines/row. 3 lines/row looks more compact. Or, just have the topic name truncate to a single line, if possible.
  21. Solid Angle bought by Autodesk

    ...and soon, the burden of developing software as well!
  22. Solid Angle bought by Autodesk

    I added a pacman icon to our internal chat today, just for Autodesk!
  23. New forum style / appearance

    When you widen the browser, the subforum title cell is the only cell that stretches. The #posts and thread cells are fixed size, and the size for the thread is pretty small as it is.
  24. New forum style / appearance

    I find that the forum list page is pretty vertically chubby, probably because the "latest post" cell is always multiple lines. After looking at it a bit, it seems like the only cell that is stretchable is the Subforum Title cell. It might slim down if the Latest Post cell was also stretchable, or stretchable instead of the Subforum Title cell. Hopefully that would reduce the # lines in the Latest Post cell.
  25. rotation in CHOPS

    Most CHOPs have a Scope parameter in the Common tab, set to "*". Change it to the channel names you want to affect, wildcards are also accepted there.